Kim Kardashian + Ray J – Sex Tape pt2 (Video)

“This ain’t hip hop … but I know ya’ll still pervs…”

I must admit I have never seen the first Kim Kardashian sex tape [pause], and now there is a pt.2 with over and hour of “uncut and uncensored” material. What’s up with them saying “uncut and uncensored”material? Isn’t that what the fuck a “sex tape” is? If it was censored and they had clothes on it would just be another YouTube sensation (DAMN this shit is over 13mil!). Whatever the case may be; enjoy, don’t enjoy, hate Shake, love Shake … it’s all good with me. Damn I miss my lady … see ya’ll next post!

DOWNLOAD: Kim Kardashian + Ray J – Sex Tape pt.2 (90min+)


~ by Shake on November 25, 2007.

59 Responses to “Kim Kardashian + Ray J – Sex Tape pt2 (Video)”

  1. you’re gonna get us both fired.
    *still downloads*

  2. it’s time for your girl to come back.

    oh well, music and porn in one spot? I sense success for 2dopeboyz if you keep this up. ha!

  3. for the record … this post alone is KILLIN shit haha. people aren’t posting, but the numbers are amazing.

    go kim go!

  4. is this just an audio file???? my shit wont show the video..

  5. last time I checked, (Video) meant moving images 😉 you gotta step your bootlegging game up sir.

    VLC Player … plays EVERY type of video you can have on the computer. Enjoy.

  6. thanks man, fixed the problem. props on the blog.. shit is hot. peace

  7. thanks, spread the word sir!

  8. […] Unkut. Haha … way to try and push your mixtape off an over-hyped sex tape (that can be downloaded here /plug). This definitely goes down in the WTF?!?! […]

  9. hot

  10. this is hot out of this world

  11. thanks, spread the word sir!

  12. i have neve seen he video

  13. i have never seen her tape

  14. weird.

  15. perhaps that guy is the resident 2dopeboyz ghost. he’s having an off day.

  16. haha he repeated what i said.

  17. maybe he likes you.

  18. that shit is nasty as hell that bitch needs to be smacked in her shit but ray j still my boo and he can come holla at me any day!! Mersades

  19. …wow

  20. Is the link outdated?

  21. This new tape has been out for awhile now and you can view it from the official source Vivid. They have been offering the tape since day one.


  22. can somone please send me a new link to this the one posted dont work anymore my email is

  23. Word… This need to be refresehed. You can send me a links too…

  24. wow wowman really? i put this up in NOVEMBER! before vivid did, before a lot of people did. get your facts straight before you talk shit.

    and for people wanting a re-up. if i still have it on my comp (not sure if i do). ill upload again. no promises though.

  25. come on shake!!! i need this in my life brother!!!! hahahha

  26. awww please re upload ive been after this for months you life saver! i love kim k.

  27. shit, i forgot about this…Shake, wass good with that re-up…lol

  28. i aint seein the download link on nowhere.. where is it?

  29. […] brother. Quite entertaining. I also wanted to let the pervs that scavenge these here parts that I re-upped part 2 of the sextape with Kim […]

  30. woooooooo, good shit on tha re-up

  31. […] and his odd resemblance to Whoopi. We ask WTF is up 40+ year old women sonnin daughterin the Kim K’s and Angel Lola Luv’s out there. Check for the full write […]

  32. Here is the video that was released by vivid video.



  33. anychane you could upload this on Rapidshare ?

  34. nope. it’s too large … pause

  35. […] Just wow. Between between crying while watching the Kim K tape and gettin anal with Mariah Carey (word to Eminem) Nick Cannon has become 2pac? *Sigh… thanks […]

  36. so nobody will upload this on Rapidshare …. and i meant in like 6 parts

  37. […] ya’ll, I’d like to think that we hold you over on the chick tip too. I dropped the Kim K pt.2 tape around the beginning of 2dopeboyz and it’s been one of the most viewed pages on here. […]

  38. sorry im not splitting this up just for you, not to be a prick. dont have the time.

  39. thanks! love her booty!

  40. Yo shake thanks for posting this. Unlike the pricks who try to charge money. thanks again man.

  41. hi guys please send me Kim Kardashian sex tape plssssssssss

  42. send it to me cuz it wont load on mines

  43. props

  44. […] PREVIOUS: Kim Kardashian + Ray J – Sex Tape pt.2 (Video) […]

  45. damn she’s… damn wow.
    im speechless

  46. ahh fuck..i shouldve jerked off then taken a shower…*jerks off*

  47. rofl @ everyone

  48. send me that kim & ray j shit please dog

  49. u a nasty whore kim k….. and i hate you

  50. send me new link not rapidshare and not folefront plzzz on MSH3L.F@GMAIL.COM

  51. hey get that link at me

  52. send it to me please.. i just wanna see her.. she is my idol, i dont believe it..

  53. shake, you know what video player i can use on a mac to make this work?

  54. can some one send me the video at my E mail or send me some working link pls.

  55. very intresting

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  58. check full video at

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