U-N-I – Fried Chicken & Watermelon (Mixtape)

I made a mention of them earlier, and right after I found the video I found the mixtape (shouts to Tony Blair). Tracklist and link after the jump.

01 Introduction
02 The Launch
03 Soul-Hop
04 Let Me BE
05 The Show 2007
06 Do Wit Me
07 Let Me Sing For You (Skit)
08 Knock On Wood
09 Fat Girl
10 The Proposal
11 Castlevania
12 LapDance
13 Beautiful Day
14 K.R.E.A.M.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I – Fried Chicken & Watermelon


~ by Meka on December 8, 2007.

9 Responses to “U-N-I – Fried Chicken & Watermelon (Mixtape)”

  1. thanks chief

  2. i’ll peep

  3. […] first introduced me to these dudes when he posted their latest street album on the site [click here]. This is the video for the single. […]

  4. […] Previously: U-N-I: Fried Chicken & Watermelon  […]

  5. […] group from Inglewood. You can download their “Fried Chicken & Watermelon” mixtape here. I hope they shoot a video for “The Show 2007″ […]

  6. […] discuss Fried Chicken and Watermelon, Love Supreme, leaks, the journey of West Coast hip hop, fashion, new projects, and much more. […]

  7. UNI is real ill…I don’t know if you’ve heard a lot of the other new talent coming out of la too..Blu is ill…Pacific Division is ill. you could download their blendtape for free online too, i had the link somewhere…and theres this group called The Antidotes that are pretty ill too..they’ve done a good amount of shows with a couple of these artists..I found their new EP on their myspace…check it…heres the link to download it..free of course


    let me know what you guys think

  8. […] to make it to the U-N-I’s video shoot for “Soul Hop,” the latest single off Fried Chicken & Watermelon, which yours truly ended up having a small cameo in as well. I’m tired, my head hurts and I […]

  9. U-N-I, Blu, Pac Div, Sene, Amor Jones…you can’t tell me the future of hip hop doesn’t reside on the west coast (LA to be exact)

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