Saturday Night Sexy: Amber Lee (Obama Girl)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Saturday Night Sexy. I mean we did two of Angel Lola Luv and that was it haha. And since everyone is on their political kick. Obama this, Obama that. I figured why not do Amber Lee Ettinger. Better known as Obama Girl. So dopeboyz (and dopegirlz) enjoy the pictorial…


~ by Shake on May 11, 2008.

16 Responses to “Saturday Night Sexy: Amber Lee (Obama Girl)”

  1. fine breeezy

  2. real sweetheart, full package, not just bootyge… yeah, i said it, booty is out like bling hahha

  3. *right Click*

    *save as*

  4. nicely done….
    you had to make up after that weezy/minaj picture spread lol technically that was your last Saturday Night Sexy

  5. OMG, getting hot in here….

    Added your link to our blog,
    Plz remember to make a back link, grab it form
    If you did already all good, thx a lot.
    Mix Digger.

  6. this broad can get it real good

  7. I must be out the loop. obama girl?

  8. and dopegirlz?
    lesbians frequent this dope blog?

  9. i find that girls appreciate other beautiful woman more than guys do.

  10. ^^Worded carefully and accurately, Shake.

  11. 🙂

  12. those shots in the middle, where her hair is actually done up look superb!

  13. daaamn, dah daaaaaaaamn. thank u for that

  14. […] DOT’S TWO CENTS: Obama Girl (above) can get the Tenacious D any time. That is […]

  15. McCain Girl is probably an 85 year old WWII prostitute.

  16. thats wat it do right there moe

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