Shay “Buckeey” Johnson Sex Tape (Video)

On top of the dope music myself and Meka provide ya’ll, I’d like to think that we hold you over on the chick tip too. I dropped the Kim K pt.2 tape around the beginning of 2dopeboyz and it’s been one of the most viewed pages on here. Then we came and dropped the Jay-Z/Beyonce tape on ya’ll. Now we have Buckeey’s (from Flavor of Love) “short yet still porn with hilarious background music” sextape. Now all we need is a Hoopz video to surface and we’re good right?

DOWNLOAD: Shay “Buckeey” Johnson Sex Tape (Video)


~ by Shake on May 27, 2008.

60 Responses to “Shay “Buckeey” Johnson Sex Tape (Video)”

  1. nice ass!! wheres part 2

  2. ass to waist ratio is ridiculous. yea i get scientific with it 🙂

  3. *vanquished at the irony of the “jaws” theme music used in the background*

  4. […] ich hier von René geklaut habe, ist schön. Besser alle mal als das Theme Fussball oder dieses Sextape von shay buckeey Johnson, die ich garnicht […]

  5. Yea yall dropped the Hov/Beyonce tape….on April fools day, that shit dont count.

    I watched this jawn yesterday, Buckeey has some skills that she didnt put on her resume.

  6. That was alright!

  7. WOWZA!!!!!(C)Inspector Gadget

  8. …actually it’s Wowzers Penny!

  9. So who played jaws in that video… Buckey right?!?… Okay ill shut up now 😡

  10. […] 2DOPE var AdBrite_Title_Color = ‘E1771E’; var AdBrite_Text_Color = ‘FFCC66’; var […]

  11. any way to get noticed i guess

  12. raw, dry and not hot’s definitely her though.

  13. Yo, her titties is her best asset and you can’t even see them!

  14. That’s a damn shame….

  15. Pleeeeeease don’t let Flava Flav come out with a sex tape!!!!!!!

  16. buckeey’s new name is skull master LOL nah but on the real her ex dropped the tape…

  17. sorry superhead still holds the title but aleast you got two more minutes of fame

  18. @ drock omg ewwwwwwww lol

  19. the music caused suspense and all she said was, “he jus nutted all over me.” Boooooo

  20. Well… she can suck a mean one and take it like a pro… No wonder she was on Flavor of Love!

  21. Wow. Its like these bitches need to be noticed in sex tapes just to get a reaction. Worthless two bit hos.

  22. dat music is retarded as fuck

  23. Look like muh fuckas then ran through her asshole too, look good. She do have a pretty booty though, yep! = get you some!

  24. […] Shay ???Buckeey??? Johnson sex TAPE: 2DOPEBOYZ EXCLUSIVE said this on May 28, 2008 at 5:40 am … Tape ? Media OutrageBuckeey from Flavor of Love allegedly has a sex tape circulating around the […]

  25. um. yes. tacky is the new fragrance. where are the condoms?

  26. she show can suck a dick

  27. […] we hold you over on the chick tip too. I dropped the Kim K pt.2 tape around the beginning of …, we hebben er weer een. Dit maal is de danseres / actrice shay johnson uit de […]

  28. i cant believe this

  29. file not found

  30. why does this girl have sex tape? she is being just like New York! shame, shame buckeey! wasn’t she on charm school? then why is she acting like this? its a shame that a beautiful black women has a sex tape!

  31. post a new link plz plz
    I have seen it but I can’t dowload it

  32. Yea, please get a new link lol

  33. hell yea wen hoops video get out please call a nigga cuz ive been waitin to catch her n ass n a sextape


  35. link dont work wanna see buckeeys fine ass


  37. The link is no longer working

  38. she waa ma hero and now i found out she a hoe;
    i dont want a hoe as a hero..

  39. can u repost the link it says “file not found”

  40. send it to me on my email

  41. my husband took off yesterday so i freaked him all day i sucked him up an then when he licked me down i asked him to stick his hand in my butt its amazing, trust cant no one say that they dont have freak in them,just do it to your man cause if you dont what… just get you a cup of long island tea an 2 blunts its a rap.

  42. wut u expect from a video hoe…

    hot sex for ya 🙂

  44. da chic is thirsty fa fame…sorry this hundred dollar tape won’t even buy u loubautins haha that tape made me laugh cus what u doin what people do everyday in life just not broadcastin though soory hoe …aint ur mom a minster,grandad a pastor PASTOR dammmnn…getitright!

  45. I love me some Buckeey & would take her pretty much almost any day of the week but this was obviously for publicity & nothing more
    but Bootz > Buckeey anyways to

  46. vixfrnema eynubf isrn niaz wbmoqeyk fzel fqcjnizdp

  47. She gives good Brian!!!!

  48. i think that people dont always think she fucked up i hope gets her shit togeter she a beautiful woman

  49. lol at people still checking dis

  50. buckeey i hope im next

  51. yo can i get this and that beyonce joint at my email

  52. who has the beyonce joint

  53. how come it wont let me download

  54. when was this???

  55. WOW is all i can say…send it to my email

  56. she has a fat ass

  57. is there a way you can repost those 3tapes(kim,beyonce,and this 1?)

  58. someone send me the Beyonce joint tynitty0819@yahoo

  59. the ass dont look too good… especially the a-hole.

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