Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter f. Jay-Z x More!

So eskay called it earlier yesterday (sort of), a few tracks off one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Tha Carter III, has sprung a leak. We need Mario & Luigi up in this bitch! It’s been a bad week for the lollipop man. First he goes on a tyrant about mixtape DJs and basically gobbles on the hands that feed him. Then he gets sued over the sample for I Feel Like Dying (which I actually really like). And now the inevitable happens. Sorry Dwayne, better luck next time. The Mr. Carter track is tough! And I actually really dig the 2nd verse on Dr. Carter. Real talk right there, Wayne gettin’ his Ghostface on. Oh and let’s add another why don’t we? The Kanye West produced Let the Beat Build. All three tracks are dope and will be the only ones I post. Get’s ready for Game6.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter f. Jay-Z (prod. Just Blaze)
DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Dr. Carter (prod. Swizz Beatz)
DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Let the Beat Build (prod. Kanye West)


~ by Shake on May 30, 2008.

76 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter f. Jay-Z x More!”

  1. I wanna hear the full “Phone Home” track…that shit sounded crazy on the snippet. Sounded like Katt Williams sayin’ “PHONE HOME!!!” lol

  2. This spot finna blow up real soon. Hah.

  3. Is this shit New Years Eve? ‘Cos my balls just dropped.

    Mad props.

  4. ^^^I predict 100 comments by midnight lol…Pacific Time haha

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  6. Lol the cd gonna leak tonight poor lil wayne

  7. Jigga + Wayne on that track BOTH fuckin’ murdered it!

    HOLY SHIT. Best day ever.

  8. Damn Hov. The internet is going to crash with the amount of piracy that will happen tonite

  9. ^

  10. yea. im dropping these three tracks and thats it! enjoy dopeboyz and dopegirlz!

  11. Aw, well damn I guess I’ma have to get off my e-ass and look around for when the whole damn thing leaks.

    At least make a post (not with the album though) when it does?

    Definitely buying this now I heard these tracks.

  12. wayne is cool but i aint buying this album after all the shit he was talking about Djs

  13. ill drop a post or comment when i see it leaks. i wont be watching constantly though as i got what i wanted ha

    although after hearing these three tracks i really want the album now. wow.

  14. Oh damn, didn’t even notice you posted that Kanye produced joint. Downloading now.

    Good job man.

  15. kafillion posts in 10 mins. lol……thanks shake….

  16. these are sick,im definately buyin the cd

  17. I know this is off topic..but you know that Canibus EP is out?

  18. gotta little scared wit dat lollipop bullshit but these tracks are sickk

  19. A few more just leaked, should I post the links?

  20. yea that canibus ep dropped

  21. i posted tracks off the canibus joint earlier. i dont post full EPs.

    and im done posting lil wayne tracks. these three are all im gonna post. please dont post links as i dont need any dmc notices.

  22. Shake actually wants to hear The Carter 3?

  23. 🙂

    – Mr. Lee

  24. No, I wasn’t sayin’ to post it lol…I was just wondering if you knew…

  25. i know right? knowing my luck i just listened to the three best tracks haha.

  26. Nightmare since Shake don’t want you to post the tracks here ( with obvious reason) put a brother down on where you found the others.

  27. DJ EMI’s blog, Chauncell.

    Out of respect to Shake, that’s all I’ma say.

  28. Good looking out

  29. tell you what. drop the link and ill give you 10 minutes to cop it haha. then ill take it down again.




  30. the link to the site or the link to the other songs?

  31. Couldn’t understand WHAT the fuck Hova said in the entire first half of his verse…..still hot though

  32. the cani promo

  33. ok so whomever is leaking these are they sending them to the sites one by one or what. How is this being sent out?

  34. yeah, that’s how it normally works

  35. then it travels around…It should leak within the next hour

  36. oh ok I always wondered if there was some type of mass mailing list for bloggers or something

  37. […] to them 2dopeboys for coming through on this […]

  38. select people get them…then it spreads

  39. Apparently somebody has been floating around a copy either a-missing track 13 or b-10 tracks.

    I’ll get back to y’all as soon as I know.

  40. My god, a few more have leaked, but I’m not posting.

    Please rush this album to stores on Tuesday, Wayne, it’s your only hope.

  41. Yo, of all of the joints that I’ve liberally jacked in the past, I’ve gotta say this was probably one of the ones that shocked me. I heard that the plumbing on this album wasn’t too tight but I was expecting the first joints would leak maybe Monday then the album would be everywhere by mid-week. Very nice acquisition. Props, props and more props. Holla.

  42. DJ Emi’s blog is gettin all of this. Apparently all the tracks besides the bonus and track 13 have leaked now…not 100% sure as this is the internet.

    Get “Shoot Me Down.” Now.

  43. these are probably the 3 best on the album ill assume, if anything matches this ill be very happy

  44. I think the hip-hop world just exploded. As I’ve heard, the entire thing has leaked. All 17 songs. Wow, not a good week for lil weezel.

  45. Not a wayne fan, but the Dr. Carter track is cool

  46. The whole thing just leaked, 90% sure bonus track A Milli RMX not included, but it’s a bonus anyway…

    I just broke the internet.

    E-mail me if you’re desperate.

  47. its missing track 13 ^^^^^

  48. The whole thing is leaked

  49. loads of tracks at

  50. detroit, no it’s not, it’s just improperly tagged.

  51. LOL @ the leak. I would of felt sorry 4 him, if not for those retarted ass disrespectful comments. Definitely need another NBA post. over 50 comments.

    Game is back and forth right now. Them Huskies (Allen/ Hamilton) are both hot.


    whose number one? oh yea …. the dopeboyz!

  53. thats whats up!!! A lot of worthwhile competiton too. First your Lakers, now this… wow.

    Like I said my radio show improved by 90% after using 2dopeboyz lol.

    What’s your prediction for tonight Sir Shake?

  54. it seems like kg and jesus pulled a space jam with their shooting. where did kg’s shot go lol. but i think they can pull it off tonight (boston)

    celts / lakers baby!

  55. WTF at the announcing? Thats how we do it in the hood? Stfu.

    Yeah, shooting has cooled down a bit.

  56. Jesus is back, lol
    Oh and thanks slake for the link.
    Dudes are getting mad horny at illroots

  57. lol, indeed. my mann waxx and kingss are brave puttin up all those. bound to get shut down

  58. Rondo is takin some ugly shots. Whats this talk of not a true point guard tho. Plays well there on his dick, whatever.

    They have big balls 2 post all that….

  59. Dr. Carter was surprisingly clever. I just got the whole joint burned it and put it in the whip, now we gon see what it do.

  60. YO SHAKE..i remember you posting the 22 tracklisting but looks like theres only 17 is that for sure do you know??

  61. […] im feelin lazy tonite [like always], so if u wanna listen and download, u gunna have to hit up Shake and Meka’s post on their site. […]

  62. Mr. Carter; it’s kinda fire. But I still nominate Wayne and Jay as the two most overrated MCs ever. Not that they’re not nice on the mic, they’re just not as nice as their hype. And not as nice as some who don’t get the credit, like Big Pun, Boots Riley, Murs and Black Thought.

    Am I right?

  63. yupppppppp

  64. cosso you’re more than right lol


  66. I downloaded album and imma cop it !!!
    Mr.Carter and Nothin’ On Me(especially Alchemist’s beat!) are crazy!

  67. Misunderstood is crazy too!

  68. […] shouts to Shake and Meka at 2DopeBoyz for making this […]

  69. […] to hop on Lil Wayne’s A Millie. See what I did. I called him Lil Wayne. After hearing the three tracks I posted off Tha Carter III I granted him the privilege of being called by his real name haha. […]

  70. Best track is let the beat build, that my shit n the CD aint even out yet lol. hey. but come and check out some new shit from Wayne, Weezy or the best rapper alive as he has named hisself @

    Me,Im H.E.R

    I was 1 of the 1st 2 post about 50 shit gettin burmt 2

  71. […] си ги от тук. Публикувано от: admin май 31, 2008 No Comments, Comment or […]

  72. Tirade! Tirade!

    Props on the site in general mind.



  73. Weezy is a beast and his album looks like it’s gonna be fire. But I think since he put out so much fire people expect too much out of him, they think every track should be great or he aint nice. He’s the best doing it right now, why u think everybody jumpin on that “a millie”? Cuz that’s the hottest shit on the radio right now.

  74. Agreed, Wayne is definately hitting hard on his new cd, and to throw “HOVA” in the mix is wicked! Shout outs from Beantown -Dj Cable-
    “Cuz It aing shit,”

  75. Cuz that’s the hottest shit on the radio right now.
    sad to say..

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