N.E.R.D. – Seeing Sounds (Snippets)

Well damn, if the internets aren’t going beyond ape shit right now with the Lil Wayne leakage! So Tha Carter III is out there, but what about the other dope albums on the way? Did everyone forget that N.E.R.D. has an album dropping the same day? I sure didn’t, and when my man OcTo hit me about the snippets I couldn’t refuse. So check it, good 30 second snippets of each track (aside the first 2 joints). Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: N.E.R.D. – Seeing Sounds (Snippets)


~ by Shake on May 31, 2008.

21 Responses to “N.E.R.D. – Seeing Sounds (Snippets)”

  1. when does the album drop?

  2. same day as weasel

  3. I’m really feeling the time for some action track with the hives. im really interested to see the NERD movie thats in the works.

  4. lol can u believe how much crap hes talkin about the djs that made him?… kinda fishy… but yeah N.E.R.D. killed it at GITD… album should be hot

  5. Fly or Die was straight. I just hope they don’t have 2+ tracks that are 8 mins long.

  6. I CANT wait for this

  7. THE ALBUM DROPS SUNDAY!!! I CANT WAIT!!! im actually going to buy it… i bought the last two when they dropped so why not buy the third right?

  8. o yea and they killed it at glow in the dark… i actually wore my glow in the dark shirt today haha (still have it on) lol

  9. so “lazer gun carrying” didn’t make the album?

    i heard from cats that that song is fire and now it didn’t even make the lp. smh. better be an itunes bonus or some shit…

  10. from what i hear there will be two versions of the album, us and japan or some shit

  11. AGAIN!?!? fuck now i gotta get the import lest i be mad like i am about in search of (its 50 on ebay for the import)

  12. Celtics/Lakers Finals! haha! Good year to be a New England sports fan!

  13. *waits patiently for this one*

  14. Dopeboyz always first

  15. I can’t wait to hear “Love Bomb.” Shit sounds dope.

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  18. Has this Leaked yet?
    I can’t wait any longer
    if any one has it can someone post it please

  19. I got uk edition of in search for $150.oo with pharrells kelis and shay’s autographs

  20. Anyone has a dl-link ???????

  21. It has leaked. Search Torrentz.com

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