Danny Brown – Hot Soup (Free Album)

First, shouts to Ketchum for introducing me to this Michigan-based artist. Second, props to JMack for reminding me about him. Let me let D. Brown explain what his deal behind this Nick Speed-produced, free album is:

“this album is dedicated to detroit I didn’t sell the album cause I ran a soup drive and donated to the homeless I will continue to do this…finished a podcast with dj houseshoes…and detroit state of mind 4 coming holloween..this album is for promotional use so I want as many people to hear it as possible”

Tracklist and link under the cut.

0001. Level One
0002. Dance
0003. Whatupdoe
0004. Ten G’s A Week
0005. Sittin’ So High
0006. Swagger To The Max
0007. Succeed
0008. She Love It (feat. Nick Speed & Lola Damone)
0009. Head
0010. Squeeze Precisely (feat. Rapper Pooh & O-Dash)
0011. Rese-vor Dogs (feat. Mike Luke & Chip$)
0012. Gun In Yo Mouf (feat. Chip$ & Marvwon)
0013. Let’s Go
0014. Two Steps Back
0015. Work Song

All songs produced by Nick Speed except
“Head” produced by Quelle
“Let’s Go” produced by Danny Brown

DOWNLOAD: Danny Brown – Hot Soup (Free Album)


~ by Meka on July 8, 2008.

13 Responses to “Danny Brown – Hot Soup (Free Album)”

  1. This guy is the real deal. I went to his album release party and got an autographed CD, so when he becomes big, maybe I can sell that bitch, lol

  2. Is this the D. Brown from the Lil Wayne joint “Shoot Me Down” or do they just have the same name…..D.Brown?

  3. lol, they’re completely different. This cat is really, really dope though

  4. appreciate the reply, will. I agree, this cat is nice.

  5. he is raising the bar for detroit hip hop

  6. […] and why he wants to collaborate w/The White Stripes’ Jack White.….On a related note, click here to download Hot Soup, his new album that I’ve been raving about since I got it a few weeks […]

  7. yo this is crazy


  9. […] DOWNLOAD: Danny Brown – My Father’s Gun (prod. DJ Dez) | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Danny Brown – Hot Soup (Free Album) […]

  10. Link is broken. Can we get a re-up Shake?

  11. […] DOWNLOAD: Danny Brown – My Father’s Gun (prod. DJ Dez) | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Danny Brown – Hot Soup (Free Album) […]

  12. […] Nick Speed, he asked me to spread around he and rapper Danny Brown’s new album, Hot Soup (download here). Incredibly talented KOCH Records emcee Niles (formerly known as Alias, I’ve blogged about […]

  13. […] listen for free here……. […]

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