MF DOOM – That’s That

Ahh… this is the type of shit I like to see in my inbox. Some brand new DOOM (apparently the MF has been dropped). Another track off his upcoming album, BORN LIKE THIS, which will feature the likes of Ghostface & Raekwon and production from Jake One, Dilla and more. For more information (and a tracklist) hit up the plantation.

DOWNLOAD: DOOM – That’s That | Mediafire

Labels are upset.


~ by Shake on February 20, 2009.

27 Responses to “MF DOOM – That’s That”

  1. looking forward to the album, will be interesting to see if it turns out good.

  2. It was alright…

    Lookin forward to the album though…

  3. glookin

  4. Wow, this is an OLD Doom beat. I can’t wait for this album tho. This is giving me hope for this year of hip-hop.

  5. haha what!?!?! he’ll always be MF DOOM to me

  6. without the MF, does that mean that he will finally show us what he looks like? btw, the man stays changing his name up.

  7. this beat is called styrax gum, it’s on special herbs and by far my favorite instrumental from him, omfg this made my day

  8. finally some doom…i thought yall was sleepin with all this 50 cent bullshit

  9. thats fantastic

  10. His flow puts me to sleep!

  11. Love DOOM! Dude has changed his name mad times though haha
    Viktor Vaughn to MF DOOM to DANGERDOOM back to MF DOOM… now just DOOM… haha… music is still nice though

  12. that beats friggin sick!
    but i’m still not over him doompostering rock the bells.

  13. this is fucking awesome. again DOOM cements himself as the best alive in my mind.

  14. man cant stay with one name. Dont forget King Geedorah… Anti Matter is one of my favs and thats from that alias. Some of em are collabs (DANGERDOOM with Danger Mouse) but man… just be MF DOOM. Love the track thou

  15. DOOM is great.

  16. DOOM is fucking incredible … cant wait to hear the full version of lightworks

  17. daamn , some new DOOM . that’s wassup .

  18. […] Download [2DB] […]

  19. I think this joint is garbage and so was Ballskin. Has Doom finally run his course? His lazy flow used to be nice as hell but now its just…lazy. He doesn’t sound as good when he’s not on a Madlib beat, IMO. Op Doom was nice but other than that he’s just bleh

  20. this is fucking wack, I am DOOM head myself but this n*g keeps on using beats from Special Herbs and tries to pass it off like its new. He got called out for this shit right around the time of the fake doom performance. King Geedhora was the same ass way. Can we get some original shit Doom? damn?

  21. I miss the Operation:DOOM MF DOOM

  22. I like how Kanye comes here, takes your pictures and then uses Paint to blackout your names off the pic and then posts it on his blog.

  23. […] Apparently, he only goes by Doom now for whatever reason.  On another note, I wonder if MF Doom raps with that mask on in the studio.  I’m just sayin…I know if I saw that I’d be laughin’ hysterically if that was the case.  Anyhow,  this is another cut off Born Like This, check out Hip Hop DX for more info on the album.  Shout to 2dopeboyz. […]

  24. […] DOOM – Lightworks (prod. J Dilla) | Mediafire PREVIOUS: DOOM – That’s That | […]

  25. […] I didn’t post ‘That’s That‘ the other day because I was highly dissapointed being that i’ve heard the beat about […]

  26. […] steady stream of leaked tracks and the like are going to begin circulating the interwebs. Earlier, DOOM gave us the Jake One produced “Ballskin.” And even with the track clocking in under the three […]

  27. […] produced track from MF Doom’s upcoming release, Born Like This. Like this better than “That’s That,” but as I’ve said before, what’s mediocre for MF Doom is still better than most by […]

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