Nickelus F – Heathen x Prideful

With the release of Nickelus F’s upcoming album, Heathen, being pushed back to a March 10th release date. The camp decided to let loose of of the title track. I also included the first single incase ya’ll missed it. Hit the jump for the official artwork as well…

DOWNLOAD: Nickelus F – Heathen (prod. Sneaka Freak) | Mediafire
BONUS: Nickelus F – Prideful (prod. The Epics) | Mediafire

PREVIOUS: Nickelus F – Trenches | Thank You (Mixtape)


~ by Shake on February 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Nickelus F – Heathen x Prideful”

  1. YES!

  2. keep reppin VA Mane

  3. Damn Nick needs to get more love this nigga is a beast i was put on to him from the drizzy tapes and this guy been killing it

  4. Drake A.M. 2 P.M. Featuring Nickelus F >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    *it’s my theme music*

    Nick Fury’s verse starts “I wake up every morning, shower, gather my belongings/Head to work, stop get some breakfast, ’cause still a nigga yawning/From the night before, at the club/I was up, I’m tryna live. Only 22, my nig. Bout to be 23, ya dig?/

    My b-day coming in April, I’ll be 23. And the song is the same shit that I go through. Dude spits verses you can relate to, and does it with style. That song is my alarm in the mornings haha.

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