Rick Ross – Shittin’ On Em f. Birdshit & Busta Rhymes

Had some wireless issues, so pardon my early morning absence. My (17-inch) MacBook Pro has arrived though, I’m picking it up in an hour or so! Before then, here are a few posts… up first, another new Rick Ross joint, courtesy of Papa Smirf. Featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne’s papa.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Shittin’ On Em f. Birdshit & Busta Rhymes


~ by Shake on February 23, 2009.

35 Responses to “Rick Ross – Shittin’ On Em f. Birdshit & Busta Rhymes”

  1. LOL!!! Blurring out Rick Ross’s tits.

  2. hahaha feat bird shit lol b4 i read your comment i was like wtf first ball greezy and now some rapper callin themself birdshit haha

  3. lyrics are ok. but MAN…dude might have a classic on his hands just based off beats. C.O. bullshit aside…dude has a hella ear for beats.

  4. shitin on (EM)inem????? Could it be.. *goes to download the track*

  5. LMAO!!!!
    hilarious art work once again.

  6. This Joint is actually FIRE!!
    I couldve done without the Bird verse though…
    But that beat is CRAZY!!

    50 might be funnier
    he definitely out youtubed him…
    But I have yet to hear anything hot from him like this

  7. I cant even listen to it after that pic *dead*

  8. shitin on (EM)inem????? Could it be.. *goes to download the track*

    veraci0us said this on February 23, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    *sigh*….that’s how shit starts. smh

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that fucking pic made me laugh bigtime

  10. AHAHAHA..Birdshit

  11. I think “veraci0us” is a fuckin idiot
    “Shittin on Em is ebonics for “them”
    Birdshit is Birdman
    Dont comment if all u have to contribute is stupidity

    That Rick Ross album is shapin up to be classic so far

  12. lol @ the pic
    i heard this is collab song from Ross & Birdman from their collabo album ‘H’

  13. @ The invisibles

    your a dumb fuck.. Shittin on em could have been a subliminal diss u cock sucker.. Having listen to the track its obviously not.

    @ fakirwise
    “sigh thats how shit starts smh”

    Dont cry ngga lol

  14. i’ve heard that sample used in 5 different songs in the past two weeks. Dr. Dre’s version is the best.

  15. “…Shittin on em could have been a subliminal diss …”
    veraci0us said this on February 23, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Like I said,youre an idiot
    U made a dumb ass comment before u even heard the song
    Side hatin is for bitches


  16. hahaha that pic is fucking funny
    1st. that pic
    2nd. “birdshit”
    enough reasons, I won’t download lol

  17. @ the invisible

    “the rick ross album is shaping up to be a classic”

    Ahaha why are you even on a hiphop blog if your goin to make dumb ass comments like that lol

  18. I don’t go near this dudes music but is there seriously an artist from the south that’s named ‘Birdshit’ ?

  19. lil waynes papa… birdshit… ohhhhhhh lol
    i remember a post wit that name and was trying to tell which one was him… nice one shake

  20. sound too much like a talib kweli beat , not feelin this at all . booooo

  21. THE INVISIBLES said that Rick Ross album is shapin up to be classic so far Go kill yourself and your wack ass beats you cant name 1 hot line that rick ross said so far on any of his songs his beats are hot dont get me wrong but hes trash wit fictional drug kingpin stories The Real Rick Ross gets out in march Fuckboys

  22. Deeper than wack

  23. I have a new found respect for Shake, no homo, but will you marry me?

    Birdshit and fat tittied hoe FTL!!!

  24. OH MY GOD!


    —a dying metaphor—

  25. you cant no homo proposal…

    well done 2dbz

  27. just photoshop a bra on ross! lmafo BIRDSHIT!!!!!

  28. seriously laughed out loud…

    blurred his titties

  29. i feel like this sample has been used before

  30. thanks for blurring the boobs my mom walked in the room

  31. Damn, the beats!!!! Give these beats to Young Chris!

  32. Funny how you dudes are on the coattails of getting these Mac Book Pros… late…

  33. Next Up…. FAT JOE

  34. waittttt i still cant get over the fact sum1 actually called themself birdshit … smh
    thats not a name thats gonna have a promising career

    (funny tho, blurred out them double d titties lmao)

  35. props on the censorship

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