Tyga – Cali Love [NoDJ]

The homie DJ Ill Will just fired off the second official leak off Tyga’s Outraged & Underage mixtape with himself and DJ Rockstar. The first leak, being the Lil Wayne collab (Breaktime). This new joint has the Young Money emcee addressing the current status of his home on the left coast. Look for the mixtape to drop March 2nd, with one more leak before hand (Stampede featuring Drake). Also, Tyga’s sophomore album, The Introduction, is looking at a Spring 2009 release. Hit the jump for the full artwork of O&U… UPDATE: Added the NoDJ version!

DOWNLOAD: Tyga – Cali Love [NoDJ] | Mediafire


~ by Shake on February 23, 2009.

12 Responses to “Tyga – Cali Love [NoDJ]”

  1. who the fuck cares lol

  2. why does he release singles of a mixtape..the mixtape is for free…you should realeasse singles to create a buzz when you getting paid…unless im unsware of the state of hip hop

  3. I highly doubt its Tyga putting out the singles, i’m pretty sure its the DJ. and you ask why does the dj release singles to a mixtape? to let the internet know tygas got new shit coming. they dont wanna just take all the time to make a mixtape not let anybody hear what its gonna sound like and drop it

  4. lol fuck spelled my name wrong

  5. song is solid..tyga impressed me with live forever and i like this so ima check the tape and the album no doubt.

  6. looking forward to this tape, very dope song!!

  7. […] to the DopeBoyz: Look for the mixtape to drop March 2nd, with one more leak before hand (Stampede featuring Drake). […]

  8. Welp Tyga just lost it on this one! Not good 😦

  9. ….this kids dope, his voice is just annoying and you can tell he even gets lost in his own flow sometimes, just being talking about some dumb shit that makes no sense


  10. added the NoDJ.

  11. where is the full stampede song all i see everywhere is the snippet or the version but no drake.
    wats up?

  12. im tryna find the full stampede 2

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