Blu Signs Major Label Deal!

There’s been a lot of rumors circling around, regarding Blu’s label situation. I remember hearing Suge Knight wanted him on Death Row awhile back, Duck Down’s been head hunting for him, Warner Bros, etc. And last week while at Magic I got confirmation that Sire Records (a division of WB) was the final choice. Now that the cat is out of the bag I’d like to congratulate the Cali emcee! Here’s to seeing and hearing Blu rip the airwaves all over the nation! Also… the LA Times just did a refreshing peice on the 25 year old, so check that out as well.

READ: Blu Signs To Sire/Warner Brothers Records


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

49 Responses to “Blu Signs Major Label Deal!”

  1. congrats Blu… stay puttin out that real shit though..

  2. proud of dude… remember when my mans put me on to Blu and Exile 2 years ago. Been bumping it ever since. *salute*

  3. Good for Blu but I hope he doesn’t get screwed over like we’ve seen before (Dilated Peoples, Little Brother, Murs)

  4. Congrats, Blu !

  5. YAY!! can we expect a major-label debut album soon..?

  6. Happy for dude…

    Gotta be careful with them major labels though
    but Blu seems like the type to keep integrity in his

  7. Congratulations and let’s hope the majors don’t do what they do best to most artist……….

  8. congrats blu.

  9. You’re my boy, Blu!!$! I see you finally updated the blu pic, haha.

  10. Congrats to blu!! i only expect great things from this dude in the future!!

  11. What a shocker. Labels looking out for good music instead of Drake/LilWayne?

  12. props to him. now, mickey needs that deal.

  13. ^^^
    yep. congrats blu! it’s about time. lol.

  14. Congrats to the young lion! We await your official arrival!

  15. it was only a matter of time til people realized how real blu’s music is… i hope he gets the recognition he deserve and doesn’t get screwed over like we often see happen

  16. bout fuckin time

  17. that blu & exile shit was fiya, but fuck his deal. where’s max b deal?

  18. & niggas rapping damn near 40

  19. all you did was regurgitate the article. fuck ass nigga.

  20. YO DADDY MACK, i put up a link of that shit back at the dviousmindz post.

  21. good shit!

  22. Congrats Blu finally a real artist is gettin recognize, not that Yooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! shit.

  23. I feel pretty good about this. I hope sire doesn’t fuck this up. Oh and just to let you know
    I gave his Music to Naim ali
    I got him in the building
    and I gave his music to Talib Kweli.

    All factors that probably got him this deal.
    Just to let you know..

  24. fuckin awesome

  25. yep. blu got signed because of your work alone. i expect better from you dude!

  26. I am glad you helped out ^^ lol.

  27. Good shit Blu & J.Kim. Well deserved.

  28. Good shit for him, they better put his shit out

  29. […] from the DopeBoyz cause i don’t know what else to add. There’s been a lot of rumors circling around, […]

  30. Congratulations Blu – It’s great to see the artists who are putting in the work getting their due respect –

  31. Congrats to Blu! just hope they don’t fuck up and promote him as blue

  32. If u c n E, drop em!


    great news

  34. Took long enough, The labels must didnt get around to listening to below the heavens lol. He getting his just-do. Congrats blucollarworker

  35. BLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. happy for blu when he said a while back that he wanted to sign with a major i thought it would be a good idea to get his music out to the masses as long as aftermath was not involved. But looks like warner is trying to build something with talib, murs and now blu.

  37. Congratulations Blu, this is some real good news. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of the monthly downloads and shit cos that’s what I’m always looking for to keep me ticking along lol. I know you won’t let us down bro.

  38. One of my favourite MC got a deal; it is a celebration bitches.

  39. FUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Blu Get ur SHIIINE OOOON!!! haha best MC out fereal.

  40. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! That’s right man!!!! I’ve been on Blu since Below the Heavens came out and I’ve put sooooo many people onto him!!! Congratulations man!!!! Blu ON DECK!!!!!!

  41. Not just because of me but I would like to think I had something to do with it haha. I didn’t mean it like that shake come on now!
    I was with him and his camp pretty much since before below the heavens came out. I was at SIC in 06. There weren’t to may people doing much back then except for a few of us in that office. I’m proud of the dude for sure and am very happy it went to sire and not WB.

  42. It was always my goal to make sure as many people as possible saw the dopeness that was blu and now I see that happening. Your blog might have helped a little too.

  43. Way to go Blu!!
    Damn I’m so happy for dude… I feel like im the one that just got signed lol.

  44. Daz watup blu now we got a least one real nigga n da industry makin tru hip hop cant wait 4 an album blu is the next nas!

  45. wow….. blu is finally there. much love and support he gets from me and i pray he keeps recieving his blessings as well as all the rest of the la artists and artists everywhere period… with him signed i fell its hopeful not for jus me as an emcee/songwriter but for everybody comin up in muzik. honestly the best album 2 me is blu and exile’s *Below The Heavens*. anybody agree?–Spectrum!!!!!


  47. Blu bout to blow up like the boy done did it before.

  48. Worrrd! Been waiting on this to happen for a while now.

  49. […] Verfasst von Lance1 am Montag, 2. März 2009 um 10:14Blu signt beim Major Warner Brothers […]

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