Charles Hamilton @ The Viper Room (Video)

Sonic The Hamilton made a stop in L.A. for a show at the Viper Room. Up top is “Brooklyn Girls,” down bottom is a freestyle. Props to Mario.


~ by Meka on February 24, 2009.

12 Responses to “Charles Hamilton @ The Viper Room (Video)”

  1. he was on 106 today (so i heard from some chick i put on to him)… if yall happen to come across that footage

  2. haha that crowd was mad weak
    he had the dope ass live instrumentation rockin and everything and they still sittin there like they were missin greys anatomy or some shit

  3. Damn this song wit live instruments is amazing! thanks shake

  4. Damn looks like a real dope show crazy band and skee on the boards only if CH could control his vocals better you kno be a lil more laidback

  5. Pass.

  6. His Video Premiered Today On 106

  7. ^^^theyre waaay late obviously^^^
    I started getting burnt out of that song after I showed it to my girl and she over played it

  8. i was there and yeah the crowd was weak. they were a bunch of rock bands on before him so they were mostly all rockNrollas there… but the show was dope. i got to chill with him outside before his show, so no complaints by me.

  9. ha I know exactly how that is. I played a local festival called Rochstock last month and the night of my set, it was nothing but rock bands (emo, pop rock, folk, basically anything youd hear on top 40 radio)besides me, so it took extra work to get the crowd going

    and CH seems like a cool dude

  10. He is!

  11. where can i download this remix lol

  12. i don’t like charles much but i alwasy liked this track from the first mixtape. man funny how he has done so many tapes and this is all i feel. This live is nasty though i feel this alot

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