ESSO – Watchin’ You f. Donny Goines

So the same dude that showed me the wonders of “5 shots of anything for $10” in NYC and wouldn’t even go out for 1 drink with me in Vegas links up with fellow Harlem-ite Donny Goines. Word is they will be working on a full out project with another artist (who I can’t remember right now and I apologize). Anyways… this specific joint is another exclusive off illRoots & SubConThreads‘ Spring Cleaning mixtape, which should drop mid-March. Above you can check out some of the process that went into recording said track.

DOWNLOAD: ESSO – Whatchin’ You f. Donny Goines


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “ESSO – Watchin’ You f. Donny Goines”

  1. they flipped that shit pretty nice. not digging the hook though

  2. shut up

  3. That drink deal at the continental on the corner of st marks an astor is the best deal in all the 5 boros. Cheers!

  4. shit came out pretty crazy who woulda thought to use that sample that way

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