Finale – Super Finale (Flash Game)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now this is something interesting. For those that actually play through this game, there’s a free download of “One Man Show,” produced by Black Milk, at the end. Finale’s A Pipe Dream and a Promise drops on April 7th, and featuresthe likes of the likes of J Dilla, Black Milk, Ta’Raach, Nottz, Flying Lotus, Waajeed of PPP, Kev Brown and others.


~ by Meka on February 24, 2009.

18 Responses to “Finale – Super Finale (Flash Game)”

  1. damn that game was hella weak lol… was it just me or could nobody jump on top of the bricks?

  2. that’s crazy how he did that.

  3. Had to use the pipes to get on the bricks.

    Dude had no hops what-so-ever.

  4. ^ I know, lol

  5. I was expecting a gun battle towards the flag pole but good never the less.

  6. aaahahahhhhahahaha niggas is trying anything to get recognized. someone finish the game & hook it up with the free download.

  7. no shrooms? i call bullshit

  8. Um Different

  9. [audio src="" /]

    there you go…

    ruinin tha game

  10. good waste of 10 minutes trying to beat this shit…fuck this!

  11. Finale’s album w/ Spier 1200 was dope so I’m expecting good stuff.

  12. fuck this game damit crative thought

  13. Holy shit. I am so pumped for this album. Develop was my favorite record of ’07, and now Finale’s over Detroit’s finest and motherfucking Flying Lotus?? Awesome.

  14. clever but boring, might work wit contra or some other shit but mario knockoffs just don’t work anymore, creative though.

  15. *just killed a classic game

  16. shit was horrible. no speed. no hops. no fire power… there was the hidden life still there, but nothing came out of the boxes…. shit was a good idea though. i mean, i did play at least

  17. Yall are some serious haters!! This isn’t supposed to be a “REAL” video game with completely functional intricacies!! It’s supposed to be a different way of promoting a record! Creative, fresh, funny… Go buy a video game if you are worried about game play- this is from a RECORD LABEL, not video game developer. His hops are weak though! LOL

  18. lol better than going through a bunch of ads n shit to get ur free download, pretty creative

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