FLüD Watches x 2DopeBoyz

Last week I attended the Magic Convention (google it if you think it’s about disappearing tricks and bunnies). I met up with my man J. Kim, who in turn introduced me to Doug & Mel over at FLüD Watches. They we’re gracious enough to drop me off a watch of my choice (which I’ve shown below) so the least I could do was let ya’ll know about a dope watch company that’s based out of NY. You can also expect a contest soon enough between us and them. Let’s go!


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

22 Responses to “FLüD Watches x 2DopeBoyz”

  1. got the boombox joint..neckbreakin status..i cant wait till i wear it in the summer time

  2. that shit looks fresh. there logo fucks it up a little

  3. for the contest put max b face on the turntable

  4. They make some dope watches. First saw this and the gold version last year at Turntable Lab.

  5. that thing is a piece of shit….I bought it about 8 months ago and the part where the base of the watch connects to the links breaks all the damn time. I’ve had it fixed a handful of times now.

    low quality piece of crap if ya ask me. not sure if they have updated them though..

  6. lucky ass ! i been feelin flud for a minute now . they make some dope ass watches .

  7. ayo shake when you gonna remove those corny mixtapes on the side of my browser. i know you only leaving t up cause it got your web address on it. put up some new shit niggas might not know about like coke wave.

  8. ^u have room to talk kid..u like max b.goto datpiff where majority of wack music is..

  9. these watches are cool if your a 12 year old bamma. the turntable joint is the best one though if u had to pick 1.

  10. ^or if u got ur own swag n pull it off..the boombox watch i got represents the golden era and we all know thats when hip hop was at its finest so i have to represent

  11. watch is alright but no numbers or date on the shit. mos def needs a upgrade. the digital boombox one is sick.

  12. FLUD makes dope watches…been checkin they shit out for a min…

  13. shake, you are one lucky son of a bitch to that watch. i need it in my life.

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  15. I really liked the purple Big Ben, the “tribe called quest”esque style, and the gold cage was pretty cool..

    Clearly that one is too

  16. B Boy seems to be dick riding HEAVY! damn… Pretty dope watches though. Personally, I’m feeling Nooka as of late.

  17. ya’ll realize these watches are like 50-80$. get a job and get yourself a real watch

  18. ^ I think you meant Psssssst

  19. how am i dickriding?whos dick am i riding?lol get the fuck out of here bitch

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  22. i LOVE FLuD!!!!!

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