Illogic – I Know You (prod. Ill Poetic)

I was lucky enough to get Illogic’s upcoming album, Diabolical Fun, a few weeks early; and honestly it’s been getting serious burn on the Zune. I got the go ahead to let loose of this joint right here though. March 24 is the release date, be sure to cop it!

DOWNLOAD: Illogic – I Know You (prod. Ill Poetic) | Mediafire


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Illogic – I Know You (prod. Ill Poetic)”

  1. you have a zune?

  2. zune = epic fail

  3. March is when all the heat starts huh? Doom, Cunninlynguists, Illogic, Busta, among tons of others.

  4. Everyone needs to cop this shit. Illogic is one of the best mc’s from the midwest.

  5. zune >>> ipod.

  6. yes zune > ipod (not by much though)

  7. itunes is a horrible program that tries to take control of your computer your music and your life…Therefor, Zune > ipod

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