J the S & Sean Price Talk Movies (Video)

And when P talks… you listen mutherfucker.

PREVIOUS: Sean Price, CyMarshall Law & Sha Stimuli – Street LifeJ the S – Oil f. Saigon [Dirty/NoDJ] | J the S – My Will (Mixtape) | J the S – Another Round f. B.o.B


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “J the S & Sean Price Talk Movies (Video)”

  1. lol this was cool. I gotta check more of J the S’s stuff. You know what it is though…..


  2. J the S sounds like an idiot… why not just let Sean P talk.

  3. …the studio i work in…

    boston stand up

  4. LMAO when they were talking about Pootie Tang. I forgot that movie even existed.

  5. Sean Price said he went to the grand opening of Pootie Tang and there were only five people and two people left. He must have jokes all day.

  6. Does this mean they are doing a track together? That would be sick I fuck with Sean P and J The S

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