Kanye West – Stronger: Live on Vh1 Storytellers (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ever since I got word that Kanye would be the next guest on the Vh1 Storytellers series, I have to admit I’ve been pretty hyped. The commercial they are airing at the moment is adding to it. Now we get a preview. Kanye performing Stronger. The full episode premiers this Saturday. Shouts to ernest on the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Stronger (Live on Vh1 Storytellers) | Mediafire


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

16 Responses to “Kanye West – Stronger: Live on Vh1 Storytellers (Video)”

  1. didnt he do something similar to this before?

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  3. can’t waaaaaaait….
    *sets dvr*

  4. dope.

  5. […] Shake for bringing this to my […]

  6. Wow…

  7. does anybody know a link where i can stream VH1 live ??

  8. *sets dvr*

    yoooooooo, he did do something KINDA like this before on MTV. it was really fucking dope too. he had his ma come on stage and rap “Hey Mama”- he did little skits. one he did was when he was younger and used to listen to Black Moon records instead of doing homework all night.

    i really wish someone would youtube that shit-

    reminds of that “Making of Late Registration” that someone YouTube. it originally aired on MTV2- DOOOOPE. Youtube that sometimes.

  9. kanye is a great story teller. i dont watch tv much, so i dunno if thats really what the show is supposed to be. (i did catch the deal going off the other night at like 3am)

    this performance is so dope…. im glad i had my money right to go see this dude perform glow in the dark..

  10. these white people had poor rhythm.

  11. Thanks for the p3 download..this shit BUMPS!!!!! I love Yeezy, excited 2 C the entire show!

  12. This version of Stronger is 2dope.

  13. this was nice can’t wait got my DVR set for it

  14. Is it just me or has Kanye’s flow gotten much tougher soundin and grittier since graduation. I used to have trouble taking anything he said seriously on tracks like Jesus Walks, but I like the rougher feel to him now.

  15. no matter how much people complain about auto-tune or whatever. Kanye is still one of the illest live performers I’ve seen. glow in the dark tour was a probably the best concert i’ve been to.

  16. @I’amNotCappa Here you go > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdI8SfMHuxs&feature=related

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