Kanye West & T-Pain – Flight School (rmx) f. OB

am I really flying or.. is this just a little Harold Minor soar/
and I don’t mean Harold Minor wasn’t kind of raw, but will it pass or will it last?
will i endure

Am I going to hate myself for this in the morning? It’s possible. I didn’t upload the original with the extended instrumental version for the lone reason I already stated. That wasn’t enough to stop the rest of the NMC though haha… Now that it’s out there the emails will come. Like this one; which I honestly only downloaded because I couldn’t find the .mp3 I had on this Mac and wanted to hear some Kanye & T-Pain. After letting it play all the way through I was quite surprised at this kid OB. He did his thing on this. I thought it could be the fact it’s past 2am and I already enjoy the fuck out of the original, but a few repeat spins later and I’m still in the same posistion. I fuck with it! It’s especially odd because this is same Canadian artist that has Ms. Goodcookie as a single. Yea.. that gets no love from Shake. And I wasn’t really feeling much on his MySpace either. So I wouldn’t expect much more from him on 2dbz, but we’ll see. And I’ll always tip my straw when it’s due [II].

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West & T-Pain – Flight School (rmx) f. OB | Mediafire


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “Kanye West & T-Pain – Flight School (rmx) f. OB”

  1. since I am Canadian i try and keep up and find some Canadian artists… I remember about a year ago I listened to one of this dude’s songs nonstop, and i havent really heard too much since, so this is nice

  2. Damn OB, Keep doin’ your thing. You killed this one.

  3. You need to take another listen to his myspace. OB’s got some fire, I rank him above Drake!! Check out the track he did with Styles P, and Peedi Crack called “Where’s The Money”. OB kills ’em both!

  4. this dude on a pic above looks like just one of my best friends ) nice track tho

  5. […] sits down with Digiwaxx to talk about his performance, hip hop, OB (that dude who did the Flight School (rmx) I posted) and his love […]

  6. […] sits down with Digiwaxx to talk about his performance, hip hop, OB (that dude who did the Flight School (rmx) I posted) and his love […]

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