Keelay & Zaire – Ridin High (Album Sampler)

The San Francisco production duo will be releasing their upcoming album on March 10th. We’ve posted countless music from them and you should already know the line up of artists these guys have. Incase you’ve been under a rock (or without internet access); the album features Phonte, Blu, Planet Asia, Emilio Rojas,Tunji and more. In light of the release, they wanted to let go of a sampler, mixed by DJ Mere (of the Oakland Faders) for ya’ll to vibe out to.

DOWNLOAD: Keelay & Zaire – Ridin High (Album Sampler)


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

18 Responses to “Keelay & Zaire – Ridin High (Album Sampler)”

  1. These guys could drop the best production album of the year out of nowhere, kind of like how Jake One snuck up on people last year.

  2. can’t wait for this!

  3. Heat, definitely will be copped

  4. i agree with justin, i hope everybody gives this a good listen once it drops

  5. That track with Blu was fresh, them Fortilive cats are dope and working with Illmind. If the rest of the album sounds like the cuts I heard so far. This is well worth a peep..

    I downloaded that Prelude shit… That Government Names and the posse cut at the end was truthful

  6. I am buying on march 10!!! We out here!

  7. so relax and take a ride with the sole vibeeeeee

  8. these guys know how to party!!

  9. im sayin, this could be one of the freshest produced album this year just based off of this snippet alone. aint really been ready to cop a album but i think this deserves it

  10. Might be bias (no, not really) but kee and zee are about to fuck the game up! i don’t think hip hop is ready for what they’re about to bring

  11. keelay and zaire. their music is dumb fly..caaaaaaaaaw!

  12. Aye, Tell me why this shit hella go though???? Good music has finally returned and Keelay and Zaire are at the forefront of the storefront you feel, definitely worth copping

  13. This Album should blow your mind in 09

  14. Looking forward to this one!!!

  15. This is a great album! instant classic!

  16. This that sleeper pick for 09 fashodoe. Everything Ive heard is great, and the video for “The Times” is bangin ! Tell me why Blu gets shown up by dem Fortilive plaairs !!



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