Maino – Nah Go To Jail Again f. Busy Signal

First it’s “Ball Greezy,” now it’s “Busy Signal?” And here I thought we were past all this doofy, “Shorty Shit Stain” alias fuckery.

DOWNLOAD: Maino – Nah Go To Jail Again f. Busy Signal


~ by Meka on February 24, 2009.

15 Responses to “Maino – Nah Go To Jail Again f. Busy Signal”

  1. Maino Work on your fucking bicpes looks fucked up when your chest is that big and the rest of your body is snoop dogg haha, good song btw.

  2. “bicpes”…super homo post

  3. busy signal is a top ragga artist in jamaica.. Youtube his track “private number” bad man tune stil

    “Who callin me from an unknown numba, We dont ansa no private numba, nah pick it up if its a private call, gangsta dont ansa no private call”

  4. Busy Signal is not the top but he is a gd artist, so b4 u diss the name, kno who he is first meka instead of bashing his name, Me nah go a jail again ohhhhh

  5. Man Meka Busy Signal like duke above me said is a top reggae artist and “Unknown Number”–TxlDSrHN4 is a must hear….Down here in The Bahamas, we be killin “Unknown Number” and “Nah Go To Jail Again” so dats a good look for Maino just how “I’m On The Rock” was for Jigga

  6. ey man sock my cock fucker

  7. Busy Signal isnt a great name, but its light years past Ball fucking Greezy.

  8. My yout…Busy di do thing fi a while…step ur ragga game up brethren

  9. what type a name is meka is tht supposed to be lile “mecca” dont insult everything you dont understand than your officially one of those ethuggin bloggers…

  10. i dont think there’s much to understand about someone naming themselves “busy signal”

  11. I think just didn’t know busy signal… its ok, he might kno of him now… also this is busy signal f. maino . Nah go A Jail agan (Remix)….. and yeh sorry hoodfella… mad homo post ….

  12. These Are The Days>>>>>>>>>>>>>Unknown Number.

    Aidonia murdered him tho on Empty(Dark Again Riddim)

  13. why did i think by saying “Busy Signal”, Meka was just makin fun of Beanie Sigel?

  14. Man, I know you are not knocking Busy. You must not know… BUSY A MAAAAD!

  15. This song was released one year ago

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