Nipsey Hu$$le – Payback

Some new Nipsey, off Bullets Ain’t Got No Name 3, for all those who are turnt up.

DOWNLOAD: Nipsey Hu$$le – Payback


~ by Meka on February 24, 2009.

12 Responses to “Nipsey Hu$$le – Payback”

  1. rolling all saucyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. daaaamn Slauson stand up

  3. LOLOL you talk about dumb names meka? nipsey? ahaha

  4. this cat nipsey is the future of the west.. and im comin in from JERZ! do ya thang nipsey.. LOOK! – nipsey voice

  5. Future west coast KiNG

  6. Yaaap! That logo was designed by me for Nipsey!

  7. that shit was cool…but on the real ya puttin extras on this track…lol…farreal tho…

  8. shit is real..SLAUSON hahaha..and i aint even from LA..

  9. was the 1st site 2 have this song n others of nipsey so check that out 4 dates if u dont believe…O’sH…i had 2 let yall knw…if yall want some other shit 4rm nipsey that was been but out hit the site duecez

  10. Its hussle in the houussseee!

  11. Something unexpected from Nipsey & definetly not his best work! Although he does spit a lot of truth on this track!

  12. he’s dope more please!

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