Noah – Just Relax f. Blu [Full]

Considering the last Blu post didn’t have any music (it had great news though) it’s only right we hit you off with some new shit from the Cali emcee. Straight off the latest 12″ from Japan producer Noah. You might remember the snippet we posted awhile back. Shouts to TheUrbanKerouac (and NahRight for the find).

DOWNLOAD: Noah – Just Relax f. Blu
BONUS: Noah – Just Relax (Dan Aikido Remix) f. Blu


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

11 Responses to “Noah – Just Relax f. Blu [Full]”

  1. shake-
    you comin down to austin for sxsw?

  2. ill photoshop skills

  3. pretty good.. im excited to hear what he does now that hes on a major label. im also excited that when he puts out his next album, i might be able to get my hands on a copy without using itunes or anything illegal..

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest Blu news Shake. Thanks also for using LimeLinx, cos ZShare is a motherfucker lol.

  5. Been looking for the full version of this track for a while. And then here comes this post. Thanks. Now if you could make “Young Blu in Love” suddenly appear, that’d be nice, too.

  6. im really digging the limelinx

  7. Goddamn, shit don’t take long to spread. The only way you coulda got hold of this full version is if you got the vinyl and Blu didn’t even have this until a few days ago soo…

  8. Shake my dude this is the best art I’ve seen since that tragic day you lost your portfolio. Nice to see you really back up on the Photoshop game. That’s 2dope.
    How’s the mac treating you?

  9. ^^Hey, around these parts we consider it still too early and disrespectful to talk about the portfolio.

    R.I.P. artwork.

  10. Sorry Cesc…and Shake, just happy to see people back up on it. Flipped a few images in a……
    *caught myself

  11. BLU ain’t no joke yo, the Brother sounds fly on all types of production, BLU is why I love this HIPHOP stuff.

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