Nu Jerzey Devil – Somebody’s Gonna Die 2Nite

Another premier off NJD’s upcoming mixtape, Art of the Devil, which drops over at the plantation this Friday. Produced by Oddz&Endz. Shouts to Dove on the linkage.

DOWNLOAD: Nu Jerzey Devil – Somebody’s Gonna Die 2Nite f. Viper | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Nu Jerzey Devil – Rapper Slash Rocker


~ by Shake on February 24, 2009.

11 Responses to “Nu Jerzey Devil – Somebody’s Gonna Die 2Nite”

  1. […] give one guess where I got […]

  2. he should just stick to promoting wack mixtapes

  3. he’s a hard headed idiot. he did a poll a long time back on the black wallstreet forums asking if the fans think he should pursue rapping also. to my memory the majority said no stick to making beats. if majority said yea it wasnt an overwhelming majority and these are niggas that fuk with ur movement so if it aint 90 % gtfo with that bull

  4. Don’t understand y ppl r hating on njd he’d be the first to tell anyone he’s not a lyrical rapper he makes music to party and smoke to plus he’s a rapper/rocker yaaa dig good lookin shake

  5. ^ cauae that’s not hip hop

  6. ^^^ o really cocksucker so just because u don’t like his music he’s not hip hop and if u think any of the blackwall street mixtapes r wack then u truly r a fucking lame, u must like gucci mane, shawty lo, plies, and any other “hip hop” artist mainstream… Get the fuck outta here lameskeez

  7. I’m a fan of his tapes but I’m not thinking this transition will go smoothly. I remember them talking about him starting to rap but why? Stick to promoting Game’s mixtapes and BWS. BTW, Game’s mixtapes with NJD are better than his albums, IMO. Very sick – not that the albums are wack or anything, I’m just saying.

  8. NJD makes good beats look up (The Game – Breathe Eazy)

  9. This actually wasn’t surprisingly as bad as you all making it out to be! I mean it ain’t that great either but it’s aight & the beat is definitely banging but most of us already know that he makes real dope ass beats!

  10. This track wasn’t that bad, I know making beats is where his talents at, and he may not be the best lyrically, but I cna still listen to this track and enjoy it.

  11. lol @ tino getting all hurt real quick. but um nah no1 hating on njd. he’s just following trends like all the other dudes out there that produce. b/c kanye and pharrell and dre do it and whoever else doesn’t mean everyone should. those dudes have that extra factor where immediately you know they can and should. when you hear njd you’re not drawn to anything hes representing or rapping about.

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