Random Acts Of Fuckery: ShamWow! Edition

“Soft enough to caress a baby, strong enough to smother it.”



~ by Meka on February 24, 2009.

12 Responses to “Random Acts Of Fuckery: ShamWow! Edition”

  1. Hahahahahah sham fuckin wow this is priceless

  2. fuck the shamwow guy…hes a tool

  3. lmao i hate the shamwow guy he’s annoying as hell

  4. “the draino your son tried to drink last night” lmao

  5. he threw the fucking towel at him.

  6. billie mays parody any one?

  7. that was great. flawless

  8. funny ass whiteboys

  9. that shit was hilariousss hahaha

  10. “13% of the cola right ther…you gettin this, asshole?!” LOL

  11. That’s gonna fuckin reek!!!

  12. “Are you listening asshole?!” This is too much lmao!

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