A (2)Dope 810 & The Black Sunn Post

Alright… I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. If you are an up and coming emcee/producer trying to get on the site; one of the worst plans is to send the exact same email 1250810925 times. All that’s gonna do is annoy me (and Meka I’m sure) and you’ll get ignored. Straight up. I could pass up on some trully dope acts (these two for example) but you’ve gotta understand the amount of emails we get on the daily. Everyone is the next best thing these days. So I admit, I slept on these B-More emcees. That was until I ventured over illRoots and saw that kingss made a post about them including a new record. He gave it a co-sign. I fuck with his musical taste so I checked it out. And sure enough, it was a dope. So now… again, I’m admitting my zZzZz and giving credit where credit is do. The Black Sunn & 810… check for them!

DOWNLOAD: The Black Sunn – Through My Eyez f. 810 (prod. Mydus)
DOWNLOAD: The Black Sunn – Day Dreamin’ (prod. Mydus)
DOWNLOAD: 810 – Where You Been (prod. Mydus) 
DOWNLOAD: 810 – Pay Day (prod. Mydus)

810 also released a mixtape today, check that after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: 810 – Supply & Demand (Mixtape)


~ by Shake on February 25, 2009.

19 Responses to “A (2)Dope 810 & The Black Sunn Post”

  1. well, i send an email once and never get anything back 😦

  2. good shit 810, I see you!!!

  3. yo shake! post that kayo tape i sent you mann
    i know you’re gonna like it

  4. This is dope….ill be followin these cats.

  5. I posted this shit way before, anyboy else….But i never get any cred :(….

    If u like 810, u can dl his tape here: http://www.rapcypher.com/2009/02/810-supply-demand.html

  6. baltimore can not be slept on anymore

  7. *takes notes on how to get on the site*
    I’m still yet to check out 810, I gotta get up on him (pause)

  8. […] […]

  9. thats craz that black sunn kid just requested me for a friend on myspace

  10. well, i send an email once and never get anything back
    DJ Daddy Mack

    ^^ Did you type in all caps? Thats immediate ignore too.
    My advice is after you send one email introducing yourself, explaining what you’ve got (not “fire” but a detail) and linking 1-3 songs tops; wait a couple days and shoot a follow up email. Not the same damn one, just checking to see if he got a chance to listen- cuz like he said, they get lots of emails which equals little time and memory for everyone.
    And let’s face it, sometimes they’re just not gonna like what you have to offer.

  11. Thanks for the help. But, I don’t type in all caps.

  12. 810 is nice with his but Black Sunn is kind of lackluster.

  13. my dudees

  14. dope style.. the retro soundin beats sound nice

  15. Glad i happen to find this. this dude is quite dope.

  16. BMORE!! LET’S GO!!

  17. this tape is retarded yo…

  18. this is insanne…phenomenal…

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