Cam’ron – Cookies & Applejuice [Dirty/CDQ]

Hmm… I like applejuice. Cookies on the other hand? Not so much. Featuring some chick (which I’m sure I’ll get drilled by some crazy Cam lover from Harlem Ohio for not knowing). Radio rip, courtesy of Dr. Dre. Also.. I’m presently uploading the interview footage we did with Killa over at the plantation. I’ll drop that when it’s done. UPDATE: Brought this back to the top as the CDQ has emerged. Shouts to Miss Info for laying it on us [NoII].

DOWNLOAD: Cam’ron – Cookies & Applejuice [Dirty/CDQ]

at the Soulja Boy direction taken at the end.


~ by Shake on February 25, 2009.

28 Responses to “Cam’ron – Cookies & Applejuice [Dirty/CDQ]”

  1. What is wrong with cookies?

    Good to see Cam Spacely Sprocket back on the grind.

  2. computers putin…

  3. not bad. cam is coming back wit vengeance.

  4. Whats good with that CDQ version? This song could be BIG with all the catch-phrase raps that’s blowin’ up now-a-days (i,e, Stanky Leg, Gucci Bandanna, etc.)

  5. the ground hog came out, saw cam’s shadow, went back in, said “fuck that, its killa season”

  6. i wanna no who this hoe is to, ive never heard that voice. and she says first lady but it aint jha jha. this track go hard tho , no homo.

  7. Killa!

  8. […] Found over at 2DopeBoyz! […]

  9. King Jafi Joe is killin’

  10. ^^^^^ word

  11. Thank you Shake!!! I don’t usually say this on the internet to anybody but, I apologize to you for going so hard about posting Chi-Town music. I just feel strongly about my hood. I get frustrated when I see so many people doing their thing and never get the spotlight. I fuck wit cam cause that’s my cousins big homie. I asked for this and you supplied. That’s whats up.

  12. Big Mike…is secretly Big Softy.

  13. Killa! nothing else needs to be said

  14. this is dope, it’ll get a lil love in strip clubs which is aight wit me/ when we gon get the video for Get It In Ohio??? NMC we need you

  15. Ay Cam coming back with sum HEAT!!

  16. man… i can’t be the only one getting attacked by sharebee files.

  17. LMAO, What the deuce is this?! ahahhaha, cookies wit some apple juice. Killer. Cam’ron’s babble is as mighty as GFKs

  18. anyway we can get just cams verse on this? how bout domnic james goin down for the rest of the season…sad cuz hes a senior…what up shakee

  19. Even with the fake Max B….and with the blatantly cam-written verse for Birdgurl…even through snap music died at least 2 years ago… this song still bangs!

  20. i’ll have you squirting for certain/bring your diaper

  21. I can’t even front like I’m not a little bit amped about Cam coming back out (pause). I haven’t been checking for his music around the Roc-A-Fella shit but I’m actually anticipating the new album. Props for not using the same lame ass song titles everyone else seems stuck on. How many “in the trap”, “bust shots”, “smack broads”, and “get it poppin”s do we need? People need to step their creativity up. At least a title like Cookies & Applejuice makes me wonder what the fuck dude is talking about in the song. Killaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  22. This sucks

  23. awwwwwwwwwwww….i was hyped with that OHIO track….camron still on that “boopidy boopin” shit….. no good

  24. i like these new tracks from cam.. nice to see he is back

  25. Ha Ha…no. I’m not a big softie, I just went hard and spazzed on shake one day. Real niggaz know when to say they are wrong.

  26. I didn’t like this at first because it sounded to Soulja Boyish! But then it grew on me because of them hot verses Cam be spitting! That chick was pretty straight to good to see Killa putting some females on to! Can’t wait for Crime Pays in May & the Get It In Ohio video this Friday! Killa!

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  28. […] Cam’ron – DJ Drama Interview (02.27) PREVIOUS: Cam’ron – Cookies & Applejuice [CDQ] | Get It In Ohio (Video) | Get It In Ohio (Audio) | I Hate My […]

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