Chamillionaire – Creepin’ (Solo) (rmx) f. The Game & Ludacris

So I just got my hands on a new version of Chamillionaire’s single. I wasn’t told it was a remix so maybe The Game was just added for the album version? Who knows, either way… we got a new verse from (Slumdog) Chamillionaire verse as well. Venom is on it’s way!

DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire – Creepin’ (Solo) (rmx) f. The Game & Ludacris
BONUS: Clean Version 


~ by Shake on February 25, 2009.

15 Responses to “Chamillionaire – Creepin’ (Solo) (rmx) f. The Game & Ludacris”

  1. firssstttt shit is bangingg

  2. daaaaaaaayummm

    finally cham wrecked the track like he should

    cant wait to get venom

  3. Isn’t it a little bit of an oxymoron to do a song about doing shit by yourself, yet it features two other artists?

    Just sayin.

  4. RAW!!!

  5. beat = weak

  6. this song is another “Ridin’ Dirty” = a hit

  7. song is dope chamilly’s verse>>>>>> the games was aight

  8. this is hot

  9. been waiting on a cham and game collab.

  10. Koopa killed it to bad he did have to redo is verese since Luda wrecked him last time

  11. dammnn best callbo so far of 09,slumdoggg chamillioaire, the beast off rap game The Game, and Luda still DTP.

  12. TRILL

  13. slumdog chamillionaire made me lol

  14. This track was already real dope & a CLASSIC song with Cham & Luda both killing it! Then The Game comes & murders the remix & makes it that much better! That is why he is one of my favorite MC’s right now & I’m glad he isn’t retiring! Also shows why Cham & Luda are two of my other favorite MC’s out right now to!

  15. Thanks, Shake.

    There’s also an unofficial Chalie Boy remix that’s been out for a while too.

    Here’s a link for my fellow TX heads.

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