Lyriciss – The Day Job (Mixtape)


Some more DMV goodness, courtesy of Lyriciss, mixed by Qaptain Kwess. Tracklist and link under the cut.



1. Voice Of The Metro (Intro) [prod. Arafat Yates of M1 Platoon]
2. Welcome To Me [prod. Equinox Professionals]
3. Go Hard (f./X.O. & Pro’Verb) [prod. AB The Producer]
4. Doin My Job [prod. David E. Beats]
5. Put Ya Hands Up! (f./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
6. DMG (f./Cayan)
7. Like Me (f./Theo)
8. Bring It Back (f./Pro’Verb & Deron) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
9. The Baddest Chick (f./Pro’Verb & Orlando) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
10. Wild (Dilla Dope!)
11. The Nigga Moment (f./Pro’Verb & NandoMcFlyy.) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
12. All I Need [prod. G-Way]
13. Failure 2.0
14. The Rapture (f./Pro’Verb) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
15. 2 Sick (f./RAtheMC) [prod. Cap City]
16. Universal Mind Control
17. Billy The Kid Interlude [prod. J-Scrilla]
18. Misunderstood (The Explanation)
19. Dollars
20. Blue Collar Chronicles [prod. David E. Beats]
21. DMV It Ain’t Hard To Tell (w./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
22. The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hate)

DOWNLOAD: Lyriciss – The Day Job (Mixtape)


~ by Meka on February 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “Lyriciss – The Day Job (Mixtape)”

  1. About to give a good listen to the competition…

  2. This dude looks like Josh Smith.

  3. Definitely about to check this.

  4. Still NO Tiron, guess i’ll check this too

  5. Still NO Tiron guess i check this too

  6. Fam Ive never heard of this brotha…but seen as you brothers put me on to Nero, D.Julien & QuESt…i’ll give it a listen on the way to work.

    I’ll listen to it whilst Im on the London Underground (London’s exact equivalent to New York’s Subway system).

    [Side Note: I hate all dem cunts on the London Underground. When Obama murked dem cocksukers on November 4th, the day after I had my Obama special edition Newspaper out for all dem crakers to see…loool).

    Good Looking Meka.

  7. Oh yeah…Meka.

    With a name like ‘Lyriciss’…this guy better be good. And by good I mean Nero good, Asher Roth good, QuESt good. I’d mention Lupe good but thats setting the bar too high.


  8. @Black London
    definitely take a listen and let me know what you think afterwards. open to all criticism…it can only make a better artist at the end of the day, ya know? much appreciated

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  9. I had to weed through all the rest of the fuckery on the front page to get to this. I’m gonna give it a thorough listen at work tomorrow. Would do it tonight but I’m bent to say the least. LMAO @ dude that said he looks like J-Smoove.

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