Memphis Bleek – Feed the Streets 4 (Mixtape)

When Splash sent me the artwork to this earlier today I immediately became annoyed. And I can’t even get mad at the designer person that put together this shit because they are doing what they need to to make some money in these recession filled times. But this shit’s garbage (and yes I’m trying to kick knowledge). I dont see how artists (the music kind) approve these types of things. It’s just as much a representation of them as their music these days (especially on the internet). Atleast in my opinion. Maybe I’m just acting out of inner disappointment in myself because I haven’t been doing my part on getting my name out there on the design tip as much as I should (my girl can testify to that notion). Who knows?* 

Oh yea, the point of the post. New Memphis Bleek mixtape, hosted by DJ Envy. Tracklist & download link are after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Memphis Bleek – Feed the Streets 4 | Sendspace

*I could’ve made this rant on 9801285 other covers (which are far worse than this). It just so happens I was in the mood to type just now haha.


~ by Shake on February 25, 2009.

23 Responses to “Memphis Bleek – Feed the Streets 4 (Mixtape)”

  1. If a tree falls in the woods….

  2. So you aint got dude by his guv’ment any more ;; so this is worth the download?

  3. i never did the gov’ment thing. that’s meka

  4. well just showin’ off my attention to detail smh.

  5. haha

  6. yall know bleek put out 4 albums? i just wikipedia’d that shit.

  7. Lmao I’m the same way when a rapper has wack artwork..Looks shitty in my iTunes lol…

  8. Yes I can attest to that– Its even annoying for me too, knowing that you`re actually really talented,

  9. LOL@ow

  10. It might be worth noting that this is actually Feed The Streets Vol. 4…Volume 3 was released last year;

  11. I thought Bleek % Jay were boyz…..How Jay not going to say “Hey Bleek , that shit is weak ,Get your mind right cause that cover of yours seem like I never paid you are you getting that poor ” Memph Bleek need Quarters Memph Bleek need Hova


  13. Naw he held me down for mad years………keep repin Bleek

  14. Man… that artwork is just so…amateur.

    I expect a lot more from the man who brought us Dear Summer…

    wait, he wasn’t on that track?

  15. real talk shake

  16. Shake, your slick with your shit when it comes to designing. I mean duke, ur skills are mad sick when you put ur mind to it, cause there are very few bloggers I know that take the time and effort to make a pic for each post. Keep doin’ ur thing playa. U put pressure on coal, u get a diamond.

  17. Oh, why don’t you design the covers for some of the underground peeps that send you tracks or mixtapes dat u feel might be worthy?

  18. Shake I didn’t know you were that deep in your aesthetics, check out my work, I’m experienced, we should collaborate on a few ideas I have.

  19. lmao @ the song “real nigga shit”

  20. is he stayin’ on def jam or movin’ over to roc nation?

  21. Oh, why don’t you design the covers for some of the underground peeps that send you tracks or mixtapes dat u feel might be worthy?

    ^^^he does


  23. does this guy have a fan base?

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