Asher Roth Loves Hip Hop (Video)

Shit… so do I!! Anyways, in the clip above Ash talks about his love for hip hop, how Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life introduced him to it and more. I really respect the honesty he portrays. There’s far too many people out there that fake the funk when it comes to their knowledge of hip hop or when they actually got into it. I know folks that go an say Atmosphere’s best record is Overcast! when everyone knows its not. But the elitest in them wants to say “oh I been fuckin with them forever, etc” Or the types that are scared to admit their first introduction to hip hop was a Three 6 Mafia record. Who the fuck cares? Not everyone was around when the BDKs and Rakims were rocking the stages on the daily. Shit, I wasn’t. But I (like Asher) went back and learned about the artform and I respect it for what it is. Boom.


~ by Shake on February 26, 2009.

66 Responses to “Asher Roth Loves Hip Hop (Video)”

  1. Hard Knock Life got me into hip-hop as well. i was a young bull 4th grade I think

  2. I can respect like Shake and Asher on some real shit… I’m 21 myself so I was a mere youngin when hip hop was jumping in the late 80’s. I got exposed to hip hop when I was 7, but I really didn’t get into it until about 11-12 when I bought (amazingly) Vol. 2 on cassette which is the first album I ever purchased. And listening to Liquid Swords from my brother, and rocking that walking to school. Shit I don’t know everything, but i’m definitely with Asher and Shake as far as where ya’ll coming from. I went back and checked things out and did my research. I love the art yo.

  3. I Love Hip Hop Too My First Album Was Mase’s “Harlem World”

  4. The first thing I remember about hip hop was a rapper called Nine or N9ne… I dont know but I was listening to a tape my brother had and I just got caught up in the lyrics, Hardknock life and everything from Bad Boy really did it for me though.

  5. drought 3, honestly. i def. feel asher for that vid too. i’ll rock i love high school before i love college but he’s got some aiight stuff out.

  6. maybe tech n9ne, steph?

  7. And Nas’ “I Am”

  8. Being from New Orleans I was introduced to hip hop through Bounce music. No Limit was the breaking point followed by Cash Money. But my first album was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. lol

  9. ^^ ain’t nothing wrong with that… shit I bought The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill at the same time I bought Vol 2 as a matter of fact. I just listened to Vol 2 more just because I heard Lauryn’s album already prior to buying it.

  10. Fuck ya life


  11. I was put on with Rakim, Big Daddy, NWA, Run, Pac, Biggie, Wu & Bone

  12. its dark and hell is hot. my dad bought it for some strange reason.


  14. Agreed with what you said shake but Asher is still wack lol.

    Tical 2000 was my first album and I’ve been a Wu junkie ever since.

  15. The Luniz “Operation Stackola” and Snoops “Doggystyle” in 3rd grade.

  16. I was 11 and it was playing on radio in my parents car. Rascalz – Dreaded Fist (Canadian)

  17. It’s funny cuz the album that got me into rap was Nelly’s Country Grammar. I was in gr. 7 at the time…classic album!

  18. damn steph… nine?
    thats wild. i RARLEY hear folk talk about dude.
    good shit.

  19. asher has been getting a lot of radio play here recently.

  20. Fuck this weak ass herb and fuck Atmosphere. Gay ass emo bullshit.

  21. oh you are soooo tough. i hope i never cross paths with you on this here internets. smh…

  22. People Either Like Asher Or Want Him Dead, Why?

  23. He’s totally right. Don’t worry about your origins in the game, just be sure you can appreciate/learn from the many greats that came before you.

  24. lol over you a lil mad? Shake, Overast! is a classic though haha. I think You Can’t Imagine… is their best work though.

  25. i was put on to ike turner

  26. lol @ chris brown

    im 15 i was young when i first listened to mo money mo problems by big but it was when i was older when i appreciated and learnt my history

  27. yo Shake, to me the better music was actually “Overcast” but that’s in my opinion, and trust when I say I’ve picked up everysingle atmosphere release… post (sad clown bad dubs and the other lps) and pre… (headshots mixtapes)… and what it was for me that made a factor was the change in production. hip-hop sounds change differently during times and i just happen to favor that specific sound more.

  28. Yo…Why clown Three 6 mafia?!!!
    Chapter 2: World Domination is dope!

  29. It was the winter of 93. I was 11. The album was “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).” I lost my fucking mind when my neighbor brought the tape over for us to listen to it. I’ve been a hip-hop fan since.

  30. Cant Wait For the album to drop

  31. Lucy Ford was Atmosphere’s best album in my opinion. But hey, to each his own.

  32. hard knock life vol. 2 the soundtrack to my life. i bought it when i was 11!

  33. I bought a Fat Boys tape when I was like 6. That was my first introduction to hip-hop. I really fell in love with hip-hop when I bought De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising.

  34. My first was LL Cool J’s “Mr Smith” joint, I was eight, that album brings me chills everytime I listen to it…

  35. De La Souls Hi’s! I want them soo bad. wtf are they doing in the video though, he doesn’t talk about De La Soul…

  36. Ready To Die, Illmatic & Reasonable Doubt.

  37. The Eminem Show got me into hip hop.

  38. I started with Wu Tang’s “36 chambers”, then started listening to Gangstar and Biggie. When Canibus, Pharoahe Monch, and Black Star came out I was hooked. I bought Lyricist Lounge vol.2, Sway and King Tech’s album and never looked back. “3 to the Dome” ft. Chino XL, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap was my favorite song for a while and still is one of the best lyrical songs in my eyes.

  39. compelled to say overcast was my favorite

  40. Wow. No disrespect, but Jason, you must be pretty young if The Eminem Show was you’re intro to Hip Hop. that shit came out like 2002 didn’t it?

  41. my uncle is a “head” so i grew up around hip hop. a constant argument between us was if we were going to watch rap city or nickelodeon. he was much older and usually won. i used to walk around with a big ass radio on my shoulder bumping ll cool j. he was my favorite back then. i remember asking my mom to buy me a kriss kross tape. but the first cd i actually bought for myself. i heard it over my friends house, we were playing basketball in the drive way. and he was playing some song about bonnie and clyde being father and daughter…. i went and copped that a few days later.

    which has always been funny to me, because eminem has a verse on one of those songs where he says “while kids hide this album from their parents like bad report cards” and i really used to hide that cd from my mom (before catching the verse) because one day she said eminem was gross when we saw his video on tv and he was talking about impregnating a spice girl. im 21….

  42. i’ve definitely went back and listened to all the rap city shit i didnt want to watch back when rugrats was on my mind. and i appreciate that as a time when rap was the shit. i couldnt take wu tang back then. it was way too many people on a track. but now, wu is the shit. i was listening to rap and had cds. but the first one I bought was em.

    jay z made hard knock life to reach people like asher though. so mission accomplished on both ends

  43. Not a fan of his music, but this video made me like A Roth a little bit more.


  44. lucy ford & you can’t imagine>overcast…in my opinion.

  45. My introduction to hiphop was Bone Thugs N Harmony – Change the World, that’s some good shit! Then I remember So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds, haha. I’m 16 turning 17 btw.

  46. not gonna lie…
    my brother had a kriss kross tape and the energy and shit just got me from the start…

    i love hip hop

  47. I was put on during the Biggie, Nas, Pac, Jay, Wu, etc era…around 96, 97. That was MY golden era. That Mase shit, Harlem World, was my shit though. I knew every lyric to every song….I used to write that shit out to memorize it…used to record off the radio (Wake Up Show) and make my own mixtapes, when a mixtape was a mixTAPE…

  48. it’s dope too hear how everyone got put on too hip-hop
    me personally I think my first albums I ever bought were Country Grammar and The Slim Shady LP, I used too LOVE Bad Boy 4 Life by diddy haha that track was crazy! I had that in my MSN name for the longest time “Bad Boy 4 Life” haha spelled just like that. I remember showing my mom tons of Tupac and she actually used too like it…

    Damn those were the days. I wish I could ask my younger self some questions and see how I interpreted the music back then…

  49. i’m probably showing my age with this one but ABC put me on to hip-hop, it was the first ‘hip-hop’ album i purchased and i knew it word for word forward & backwards….but i didn’t really get into it until a few years later in like 95-96.

  50. another bad creation? i used to fuck with them. when they were on… AT THE PLAYGROUND you know….that was my shit….hmmm maybe i been listening to this shit longer than i can remember

  51. I used to listen to Bob Marley non stop… cuz my pops had ALMOST all his records…. so me and my sister would sit and play them shits all day trying to get thru them lol but i got into rap when i heard Criminal by Eminem from 1 of my friends and that shit was old at that time…than i heard him with Jay-Z on Renegade… and that was all i listened to Eminem and Jay so i went and got The Blueprint and Marshall Mather…and i still play those same fucked up copy till this day lol CLASSIC

  52. ^^^^ truth i know exactly what u mean about the Wu shit lol
    i used to be like WTF is this shit ….corny ass beats raspy sounding Ni**AZ… lol now i go back to download all that shit… and yeah i will buy them when i get payed lol

    my fave M.E.T.H.O.D MAN!!!!!!!
    that nigga is NICE lol

  53. great conversation going on here. we need this in more posts!

  54. thats bcuz everyone could relate on this subject

  55. yeah this is one of the best conversations i’ve seen the c-section is actually mellowed out for something?!

    Bone Thugs got me into hip hop first actual album I listened to was probably either DMX or Illmatic i dont remember which one.

  56. I think I started out with Will Smith’s Big Willie Style. But it wasn’t untill I listened to Puff Daddy – No Way Out when I really got into Hip-Hop.

  57. hahaha oh man word to Jan, exact same for me. heard Will Smith’s Big Willie Style when i was like 10 or 11, back when i was listening to like, disco and shit. then i went out and bought No Way Out and Harlem World and played that out for a while. then i raided my brother’s tapes and found some dope shit: busta’s the coming, mystik journeymen, pharcyde.

    oh and overcast is dope as hell too, its the first atmosphere i remember hearing and its definitely stuck with me. whatever you’re first exposed to always makes the biggest impression.

  58. I Owned Big Willie Syle Too

  59. The first rap tape I bought was the the Naughty By Natures self titled LP. It had OPP on it. My cousin was a hater and told my mom what OPP meant and she made me take that shit back. LOL. I am pretty sure I was 9 at the time.

  60. First off, Shake I respect your opinion and all, but I own all of Atmosphere’s albums and Overcast! still to this day is my favorite (although “Pour Me Another” might be my favorite song by him/them).

    Second, Coolio’s “Gangstas Paradise” and Biggie’s “Hypnotize” were the first 2 rap songs I ever really liked (3 if you count “Amish Paradise”) and DMX “…And Then There Was X” was the first rap album I ever bought. But I really didn’t start becoming a fan until a fateful day to a nondescript record store in Wisconsin, where I purchased Nelly “Country Grammar”, Big Tymers “I Got That Work”, and Ruff Ryders “Ryde Or Die Vol.2”
    Still 3 of my favorite albums.

  61. I just found the song that change my life when I was like 9 or 10 Shake. It was Whatchu Want from Nine. I used to play that in church, I remember it so clear, I even skipped outta my church group and listened to that track in the corridor. Hip Hop never died man, we carry it everywhere we go.

  62. ^^ agree with steph on that…hip hop cant die as a culture

    but aside from the kriss kross shit i had..Guilty Conscience from the Slim Shady LP was my shit!

  63. clipse’s lord willin’

  64. […] DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Takeover Freestyle | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Asher Roth – Song Cry Freestyle | Asher Roth Loves Hip Hop (Video) […]

  65. […] DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Takeover Freestyle | Mediafire PREVIOUS: Asher Roth – Song Cry Freestyle | Asher Roth Loves Hip Hop (Video) […]

  66. god loves ugly is the shit – overcast is dope but atmosphere as a group (unlike many other artist) grows with each album – Lucy Ford has always been hit-and-miss for me – i thought You Can’t Imagine (as ill as it is) had a commercial \ mainstream feel to it – Lemons is arty and cool but by far not the best

    Busta Rhymes – those 1st videos and that energy… WOW!!!!

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