Floss Or Toss, Vol. 3

Once again it’s time for another Floss Or Toss. It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, so here are a few tracks for the masses to vote on who stays and who gets relegated to “report as spam” status.

DOWNLOAD: Knotti – The Skinny | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Beedie – The Office | Mediafire

Marv Won – Stomp

DOWNLOAD: Ophrap – Million Dollar Dreams (prod. Dibia$e) | Mediafire


~ by Meka on February 26, 2009.

29 Responses to “Floss Or Toss, Vol. 3”

  1. toss them all accept for the rick ross lookin mother fukka, he was kinda nice

  2. Knotti – nicest beat out of the 3
    Beedle – got skillz, beat was meh
    Ophrap – voted floss, primarely cause of the Dibia$e co-sign, I fucks with anything he produces, his shit’s crazy!

  3. oh, forgot ’bout Marw Won – didn’t House Shoes produce that joint? I fucks with his shit too…

  4. that shorty got a long back. LOL

  5. still no tha q šŸ˜¦

  6. floss marv won joint

  7. Im glad ya’ll started doing these again.

  8. Knotti – Nice beat decent emcee.
    Beedie – lackluster beat and emcee.
    Ophrap – WACK!!!

  9. because theres no middle vote..i voted toss on all of em…so many rappers theses days, i hadda vote based on the other competition out there…

  10. but this is a dope idea…i like these posts

  11. no clue who any of these artists are (outside of marv one)

    glad i was a part of the selection. smh..

  12. I forgot one:
    Marv One – great beat decent emcee.

  13. I fuck wit MarvWon shit, decent. Detroit’s scene is kinda killin right now.

  14. that picture remains the best example of flossing

  15. I’m mad your pic says Vol. 2 and not Vol. 3 haha

    Marv Won was straight

  16. ^^yea… another reason this coulda waited for me to see.

  17. Thanks for throwin the Beedie joint in the mix. Those of y’all that fuck with him can peep more at http://www.myspace.com/bdubbpgh

  18. Yo shake! How can I get on the next floss or toss mayne? I need some opinions. lol

  19. are all these local cats from cali?

  20. Hamza 21, what makes that Beedie track lackluster? Break it down.

  21. how do you get on this floss or toss thing?

  22. yo that beedie joint go hard

  23. Marv easy

  24. “toss them all accept for the rick ross lookin [mofo]”
    u shud post the better acts up 1st so we don’t lose hope as we continue down the list. Note the decrease in votes…

  25. you sure Marv ain’t Ross? i mean, he could be looking to re-invent himself now that he’s been outed….

    not a bad track, but all of em were pretty average

  26. that Marv Won song is dope
    House Shoes really did his thing on that beat

  27. All equally dudu!

  28. Marv. And that was w.out knowing it was a House Shoes beat. No contest.

  29. Beedie def won, so whats good?

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