J-Hood – Letter to The LOX

I heard this a few days over at DefSounds but I was too lazy to rip the audio and figured it would get to me somehow. Sure enough, NMC represents as eskay just threw it up with an assist from DJ Delz. This instrumental seems to bring the realness out of most folks, Hood lets it be known. I can respect this.

DOWNLOAD: J-Hood – Letter to The LOX | Mediafire
BONUS: DJ Kitsune – On My Way f. Sheek Louch, Rasul & Kaled Ibrahim


~ by Shake on February 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “J-Hood – Letter to The LOX”

  1. I was always bummed when they parted ways but it’s good to see J moving on and not holding any ill feelings. Hopefully they can get down on another jam one day!

  2. J-Hood in 2009: honestly, who cares? Not saying dude isn’t talented but after all this time what has he got to show for his time in the game??

  3. i almost forgot that this beat had been gang banged by everyone. didnt recognize the “letter” as the hint.

    j hood was my dude back in like 01 02. he wasnt playing his cards right. or maybe the industry changed and he got caught in the rotating door

  4. I swear once people knew of that Notorious movie coming out along with the Jada’s release of this track, rappers have been trying to get lyrical again. I honestly haven’t heard too much bubblegum music this year. Makes me wonder if 2009 is the year the Hip-Hop I grew up on will be resurrected.

  5. I can’t respect this for one major reason and that’s “LOYALTY”

    Now that his move on dissin D-Block ain’t work now he’s trying to be “REAL” Give me a break nigga cry me, a motherfuckin river! Karma is a bitch!
    When you’re disloyal and disrespectful to people over and over after given a chance or several chances, it will all come back around to YOU! Now you lost all the fans, success, most importantly respect and you even the lost the ability to rhyme better than the average rapper. Now you barely sound good line for line!

  6. ***
    Now you lost all the fans, success, most importantly respect and you even lost the ability to rhyme better than the average rapper.

  7. *zzzzzzzzzz*

    This dude dragged his chain on the ground, popped mad shit about how he was gonna body niggas when he sees them, etc. etc, and now he’s “moving on” and “letting the past be the past”. Please.

    This dude was BARELY nice back in ’01/’02, now he’s just a complete joke.

    “When the bullets fly, you better dodge like a viper, or get rained on like windshield wipers…”

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