Lunch w/ Joe Budden & Tahiry pt.3 (Video)

In the last segment o Lunch w/ Joe Budden & Tahiry, Tahiry talks about her secret tattoo while Joe reveals their wedding plans. Ol girl also talks about being in magazines (ya’ll ready for her KING magazine spread!?), interviewing with Angela Yee and all the attention she’s been getting.


~ by Shake on February 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Lunch w/ Joe Budden & Tahiry pt.3 (Video)”

  1. I’ll quote the great Meka Soul:

    “When the main selling point for his album is his girl’s ass, something can’t be right with the album itself.”

    *awaits the internet soldiers attack*

  2. some hot songs there, some garbage songs there
    it wasn’t amazing like a lot of these cats claim
    when he came correct it was fiyah
    with some guidance he could definitely make a classic

  3. Though his girl has a donkey big ass no one really wants hear what she has to say. They may like to see her visually (like me) but really who cares what she has to say (rhetorical)?

    Come Joey stop the fuckery people are getting tired of her. Every other second I check on a site there’s a video shoot or interview of your girl and less of you as a rapper!


  4. joe budden and tahiry sex tape is on its way

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