TiRon – 3 Drink Minimum f. Ayomari (Video)

Mario just dropped off this new video by TiRon. And have any of you y’all picked up Ketchup yet? SHAKE UPDATE: I brought this back up to the top because it’s (2)Dope to sleep on folks. This is my fuckin’ anthem right here. I’m flirtin with the bartender, nah I wont get none/ but she playin to it ’cause she knows she bout to get some 1s/ a couple of 5s, a 20 if she’s lucky, but not on purpose… damn.

DOWNLOAD: TiRon – Ketchup (Mixtape)


~ by Meka on February 26, 2009.

12 Responses to “TiRon – 3 Drink Minimum f. Ayomari (Video)”

  1. bumping this shit now… pretty good so far.

  2. This should be my new weekend theme song…lol

  3. Tha Alkaholiks + Murs =TiRon.
    This is decent joint I’ll check his “mixtape”.

  4. im soooome where in there haha…luvin the vid…

  5. nice…tiron on the come up

  6. now i gotta download the mixtape

  7. LOLLLLL this video is hilarious!! “bye bye liverrrr” ahahahaha. hella dope.

  8. TiRon is dope… I can’t wait for the new joint… Ketchup is DOPE!!

  9. damn… this shit right here nigga, this shit right here… (2)dope

  10. Dope as usual.
    Tiron get’s busy!

  11. Shake, thanks for the support on the video. Much appreciated.

  12. this that shit, bye bye liver

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