Cam’ron – Get It In Ohio (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It just seems like he can’t be stopped right now, right?

*anticipates album letdown*

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~ by Meka on February 27, 2009.

23 Responses to “Cam’ron – Get It In Ohio (Video)”

  1. KILLA!

  2. Dickset is done!

    Quit ridin’ P***S


  3. Damn, Cam can still spit fire man. He ignited the track I’m delighted he’s back, with Obama in office, Cam is frightning for blacks!

  4. I’m from South Side Chicago… so i love this shit!

  5. what kinda dumbass niggas does shit in the open like that

  6. if you anticipating a album letdown is cause you a bitch & just posting up cam cause his wave just came out the blue & you trying to ride it like a straight dickryder just for hits. good time for this dude to come out. tired of these emo niggas

  7. Cam been the truth.

    Go listen to Killa Season and tell me you don’t like 1 track on it… I’ll wait.

    now that other nigga (Jimmy)

    he killed dipset.

  8. Meka, don’t hate because Cam is hot right now

  9. how this is sum DUMB out cam music

    im a nas fan

    but im feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling this grime rap

  10. dope

  11. The beat has me hooked on this joint, but cam is alright..nothing against the dude.

  12. somebody seem to have forgot cleveland….must be mad cause the ‘nati ain’t what it use to be

  13. i thought we in the south was doing thangs…midwest yall need to stand up! dope video dope song

  14. cleveland got a lil shout out. he really fucks with c.o though….

    anyway… its my observation that the dealing of drugs is usually not done in such openness

  15. u sucking dick fam why u posting his shit then dick sucka u a pussy ass nigga anyway fuck nigga this shit is herion in the veins man may 5th crime pays the fucking album of the year.. the whole harlem stand up east side wagner..ohio nd chi town too man

  16. nd this is the best out right now too dick sucka..its killa season all over again pussy

  17. Fiya!!! Cam bringin them hitz back!!! This is str8 piff. Dat nigga killed the last verse, “Fell in love with math/ I got the green benz, red benz, mustard jag/Got the white coke, tan dope, black gun trey deuce/ Silver bullets, purple piff, blue pills, grey goose”

  18. killa go hard… No homo

  19. It’s better then that Jenny Jones Na Na bullshit

  20. ^^^ word although I liked the version of beyonces I’m a diva he redid… I’m a drug dealer haha jimmy… One eyed willy!!

  21. Damn I can’t front this video was HOT as shit!

  22. […] – DJ Drama Interview (02.27) PREVIOUS: Cam’ron – Cookies & Applejuice [CDQ] | Get It In Ohio (Video) | Get It In Ohio (Audio) | I Hate My […]

  23. […] – DJ Drama Interview (02.27) PREVIOUS: Cam’ron – Cookies & Applejuice [CDQ] | Get It In Ohio (Video) | Get It In Ohio (Audio) | I Hate My […]

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