Fly.Union – Only One


Real talk, I’ve always planned on putting something up on these cats, and I think I dropped their mixtape here a looooong time ago, but I just never got around to it… until now (blame the insomnia). Props to Jameel

DOWNLOAD: Fly.Union – Only One | Mediafire


~ by Meka on February 27, 2009.

18 Responses to “Fly.Union – Only One”

  1. Ohio stand up!

  2. […] like Columbus’ own Fly Union is getting some face time on some of the big hip-hop blogs. I’ve never heard this song before and it’s dope so I gotta support the locals. The […]

  3. nice beat!

  4. this shit is fresh man … been sleeping on these guys

  5. dope ish

  6. Major PROPS!

  7. fly dot u….where dreams come true!!

  8. the beats are the only thing redeeming about these goons.

  9. dope!

  10. sweet

  11. the good an ill sound

  12. feelin this ish…i kno im not the only one who thought of Fly Society when u saw Fly Union..

  13. Big_E is correct

  14. Big_E u ain’t the only one. lol. they were on that cool kids finish first mixtape right

  15. Columbus on deck…Fly Union is dope and dont confused them w Fly society!! i like fly society also but fly union had that name b4 i heard of fly society! both are dope
    keep doing what yall do family
    mirrorlove productions got yall

  16. dope…i’ve been following them. but where’s the dude wit the high pitched voice?

  17. Fly.U where dreams come true!!! you are sleepin if you havent heard these cats!!…L to tha has the high pitched voice he just didnt spit on this track….thats all

  18. dope

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