Jay Rock – Beat A Rapper Down f. Busta Rhymes

Don’t look now, but the West is creeping on a come up. No Flesh-N-Bone. Lowkey, what up?

DOWNLOAD: Jay Rock – Beat A Rapper Down f. Busta Rhymes | Mediafire


~ by Meka on February 27, 2009.

9 Responses to “Jay Rock – Beat A Rapper Down f. Busta Rhymes”

  1. They go in. Jay Rock doin’ his thang lately. Top Dawg!

  2. Dope Shit

  3. oh wait..do I hear a lil K.Dot up in there? Ya dig…

  4. I been tellin niggas the west is coming back

    you got Game,Crooked I,Tyga,Glasses malone,Jay Rock,Nipsey Hussle,Blu,Bishop Lamont,Juice,Ya Boi and a few other niggas

    also you know the Dr Dre is comign back

    i like that dude Big Rich too and Mistah Fab is interesting
    west making some noise

  5. rock’s pretty nice on tha mic, just listen to those bars he spit on pac’s u cant c me.

  6. dont look know but it looks like his album bout ta be leakin soon

  7. jay rock representin… West mother fuckin coast god it feels good to be livin in the west… We coming up true story cocksuckers

  8. This is dope, Rock a murderer on the mic

  9. great song
    -DJ Critical Hype

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