Nu Jerzey Devil – Rapper Slash Rocker f. Ya Boy

I premiered an early version of this record a few weeks back (above is a video for that version). NJD got Ya Boy to lay a verse for the official version that is featured on his Art of the Devil mixtape. HipHopDX has the stream, so check that out. I’ll be dropping the download link next week. I knew some of ya’ll would want to bang this track in the whip over the weekend so here ya’ll go.

DOWNLOAD: Nu Jerzey Devil – Rapper Slash Rocker f. Ya Boy | Mediafire


~ by Shake on February 27, 2009.

7 Responses to “Nu Jerzey Devil – Rapper Slash Rocker f. Ya Boy”

  1. damn! Ya boy never dissapoints I can’t wait for Mohawks and heavymetal… Y the fuck isn’t ya boy signed yet every mixtape he’s ever dropped was dope… Drop an album yb!

  2. Because that nigga Ya Boy got a 400,000 dollar advance and blew it like a lame , true story, he actually owes that money back or some shit.haha

  3. ^^^ which label gave him an advance?

  4. Wow I hateto say this but I have to say this; Nu Jersey Devil need to quit rapping. He’s way better on beats.
    He is horrible every time I hear him rap; like he is really horrible!

    Ya Boy did his damn thing as usual. He bodied the track. I would mind a version w/ just Ya boy on it.

    It’s bad when Nu Jers has 2 verses and both of combined weren’t even close to being ok to touch Ya Boy’s verse!

  5. He really sucks at rapping, at least put some kind of effort into your songs you piece of shit. He will never ever ever make a cent off rapping

  6. ^^^ wow hater in the house! Nu jerzey devil will get alot better mark my words he will be alot sicker then he already is… He’s just getting his feet wet with this rappin shit and with his skills on the boards he’ll always have sick production… Haters hate on!!

  7. ^^^^^ Im not hating I’m what you call a REALIST!!!!!!, In any business first impression is everything!!! And let me tell you he left a shitty first impression (rapping wise at least) He’s a semi good producer but that’s where it stops. Tino im not going to go into detail on what I do but I work for one of the biggest labels in hip hop period, So I certainly can back up my theory. It’s all business as fucked up as that sounds but he’s not going anywhere. Plus he’s a fucking douche bag, a real arrogant little fuck that I’ve met on a couple occasions. He’s not real!!!!!!

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