Pacific Division – Pac Div

Apparently this is a new cut off their Church League Champions mixtape, which I hope will see the light of day before I turn old & gray.

DOWNLOAD: Pacific Division – Pac Div | Mediafire


~ by Meka on February 27, 2009.

37 Responses to “Pacific Division – Pac Div”

  1. This is classic Hip-Hop shit, no lie this is the illest shit I’ve heard in a minute.

  2. Fire!!!

  3. the sample sounds so familiar to me but i can point it out

  4. Smh… dope man. Just dope.

  5. Pac Div are the dopest & most skilled out of all these newcomers, my fav new group, can’t wait to cop Grown Kid Syndrome!

  6. damn this shit go hard as hell

  7. this is insane!

  8. this sh*t is gonna start a riot!
    this goes extremely hard.

  9. these dudes r the illest out doin this shit! point blank fuckin period..believe that!

  10. flawless.

  11. yo is there a dirty version of their song Mayor out at all?

  12. WOW this is strong

  13. hands down the best new comers…

  14. Classic hip hop folks!

  15. Oh my f*ckin god this is crazy!

  16. This is dopest shit evvvvveeeeeeerrrrr

  17. These niggas is goin in on bars!!!!! when is the mixtape comin anybody know??

  18. shit is ok. Not the best newcomers tho

  19. Track goes hard…..

  20. id say that Pac Div is the the best new group out there but not the best newcomers overall…

  21. real nice….

  22. pac div rules

  23. i’ve been up on pac div since like early 06. and i’m from okc. they got bars for days. i cant wait for the new tape. pac div is the illest!

  24. dare i say……. a perfect rap song.

  25. […] Spotted at 2DopeBoyz! […]

  26. I hadn’t realized that I’d underestimated Pac Div.

  27. fuck these bitin ass niggas, ask them who they got the name Pacific Division from..and watch them bitch up…they know who they stole their whole image from…lame ass niggas

  28. ^^what?!?!
    you mad?

  29. SlumVill watch yo mouth, u bitch ass nigga!!!… Run up and talk that dumb shit u hoe ass jealous ass bitch boy!!!… SLAP THE SHIT OUT YO FAGGOT ASS!!!

  30. dope

  31. SlumVill sounds a lil bitter…but I know those dudes and iont think they runnin from any rappers out here…so i know they runnin from no internet thugs, im glad i’m bored enuff right now to address u

    but now im out to kick it with ya girl…I’ll invite Pac Div thru as well so we can train her…uno

  32. they AIN’T* runnin from no internet thugs…

    was typing too fast, and im out whattup Shake, Meka??? FCC UP!!!

  33. Holy shit this is sum anthem shit no1 touching Pac Div on that vibin shit untouchable, and beyoung ends the song perfect, no1 fuckin with em

  34. holy shit this is fire lol
    tell me why it kinda sounds like classic wu??

  35. […] Spotted at 2DopeBoyz! […]

  36. this beat sounds similar to wu tang – protect ya neck(jump off)

  37. Got Damn these niggas can rap!!!!!

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