Ryan Leslie – One In A Million

Considering Ryan Leslie’s self titled debut has been on consistent burn and is one of my favorite albums of the year so far; it’s only right that I post up this unreleased gem that I snatched from Legend. And I don’t have to explain why I used the image above do I? Didn’t think so.

DOWNLOAD: Ryan Leslie – One In A Million | Mediafire


~ by Shake on February 27, 2009.

24 Responses to “Ryan Leslie – One In A Million”

  1. yea for real one of the best cds of 2009 already and probably will stay one of the best

  2. R.Les 4 Pres

    dude is nasty, lets see what he cooked up for Kid Cudi ey?

  3. Leslie is sick!
    and Cassie’s looking good

  4. aight first offfffff, rl makes some insane music, and is a veryyy creative artist. from making beats, to singing, writing, his delivery n flow. im dissapointed his cd is floppn cuz its got som really nice trax. 2nd off u dont need to explain the pic cuz cassie is bangin! and really rl is kinda of a nerdy dude, but he makes hot music,and when you do that and got $$$ and when you do that you can definetely pull women like that. loll

  5. ha yessir!
    i also like the fact that les got one of fab’s nastiest verses in quite some time.

    and i get so much attention
    they sit and talk about me like intervention
    they say that white phantom look so cocaine
    i hop out the suicides lookin’ so Kobain

  6. Very Nice! I bump his new CD on a reg. PROPS!

  7. Ryan Leslie has been on repeat since i copped it. If you haven’t picked up the C.D yet, do so!

  8. i love that gibberish track, but part of me wishes it had actual lyrics….its hard when it gets stuck in your head.

  9. just look up Ryan Leslie on youtube and watch him make beats…it’s extremely impressive and makes me look at all of these wack producers like lil’ jon with less respect than before

  10. 1. his cd was nice, only reason i have ran through it 100 times already is because of never better.
    2. i also cant wait for that cudi track, the preview sounded nice.
    3. Cassies looks better and better every time i see her. GOT. DAMN.

  11. Yeah I was surprised so many people slept on his album. it had such a quiet debut. Hopefully it’ll be a slow burner

  12. ryan leslie is DOPE.
    gotta appreciate his music and the way he puts it all together
    album is crazy havent taken out the car cd player yet

    good look shake!


    thanks a lot for mentioning that Shake, and thanks for posting this track..

    honestly, his album runs SKIPLESS from beginning to end… i cant honestly think of the last time i heard an album so complete…. its fucking flawless

    the IRONIC part of everything is…. poor guy only sold 25,000 first week…. 25K …wtf is that… i feel maddd bad for the dude… cudda sold 400k+ if it was marketed probably….but wat cud u do

    STR8 up if any of ya’ll r feeling R LES, go out n buy his new album, show sum fuking support for the dude, he deserves it, and me, you, and EVERYONE else on this bored WANTS R LES to continue making great music… do i have to give any more reasoning?

    R LESSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssss all the way.

  14. Word. This dude makes some nice music. He’s like an RnB Kanye, beats & lyrics, although they have diff sounds.

  15. Oh lol big up t dot (& sauga). Canadians are all over NMC nowadays.

  16. Yes sir more RLes and just seeing Cassie never hurts. Album was dope.
    I know this album was last year but I loved
    Foreign Exchange albums so much and i still play it all the time. Why does it seem not to get no love from people.

    RLes and Fab always fire

  17. Shake, it’s spelled Cobain.

  18. Sweet R.Leslie is one of the most underrated producer/songwriter imo

    Check Out This

    Angry Skool Kidz – Say Whats Real


  19. Cassie is real overrated I don’t see anything special looking in her at all
    Lauren London is 1000quetrillion fuck it infity times better then her

  20. dope song, you trying to put up the album for us?
    good looks.

  21. I didn’t really know too much about dude, but
    after readin the comments here and checkin a few tracks
    on YouTube, he sounds pretty dope…

  22. his beats are nice…. good CD

  23. Kurt Cobain > Ryan Leslie

  24. how is cassie overrated she looks really good and to me better than lauren london but thats my opinion. Ryan Leslie is dope plain and simple he is very talented

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