Sha Stimuli – Change Gone Come (He’s Hitting My Mom)

Sha touched on this subject on Redemption that was featured on his Stevie Wonder tribute mixtape, Hotter Than July. Now he’s back with a different perspective. This will be the lead single off DJ Victorious’ upcoming W.I.C. (Woman In Crisis) mixtape. And remember… Sha’s album, My Soul to Keep, drops this Summer on Chambermusik Records / Koch!

DOWNLOAD: Sha Stimuli – Change Gone Come (He’s Hitting My Mom) | Mediaifre


~ by Shake on February 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Sha Stimuli – Change Gone Come (He’s Hitting My Mom)”

  1. ShaStim be one of those real Niggas. Lovin this shit. Hotter Than July wasn’t just hotter than July, it was hotter than the summer. Blunt/Mood Muzik.

    Shake do your Cali boy a favor. Get Sha and Buddens on a track or tape.
    Hit me up Cunt.
    Stay up

  2. yea man. im glad you took a liking to sha. ive been trying to tell you he’s dope haha.

    this march ill be out there, same with the slaughterhouse crew. maybe you can ask him yourself.

  3. Sha is that dude. March on Washington mixtape is incredible.

  4. What dates? I got drill the 7th & 8th. Got a hotel in S.D. The weekend of the 14th.

  5. yea..find out why joe budden hasnt hopped on a joint with sha stimuli yet.

  6. Ditto on that Sha & Buddens collabo.

    We need a petition for him to do some Slaughterhouse features.
    If it weren’t for him, I’d probably wouldn’t be listening to Hip Hop as much.

    Dude murks every Hip Hop Weekly freestyle!

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