Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers (Audio)

So Kanye’s performance on Vh1 Storytellers airs tonight and you can stream all the performances on Vh1’s website right now. I’m sure they will be on OnSMASH soon enough, but I’m headed out to get some cheap drinks and gamble so I won’t be around when they do (but I’ll update when I get back of course). Until then though, the good folks at KanyeLive ripped the audio. Which I put on the Zune and shall be vibing to during my drive…

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers (Audio)


~ by Shake on February 28, 2009.

42 Responses to “Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers (Audio)”

  1. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye!

  2. Ya’ll some photoshopping whores. lol.

  3. cool great post

    now post this lol

    Angry Skool Kidz – Say Whats Real


  4. Shake ‘shops so well tho…

    The Superfriends vid from Print, was there any news on that, that i missed or something, cuz according So Far Gone times, they still got time to release it for the Feb 2009 release date previously stated.

    Lookin forward to Unlimited’s release 2mar hopefully tho.

  5. wheres the jay storytellers rip?

  6. Thanks for the audio.
    That show was great.

  7. that show was great^

    too bad VH1 edited some great Kanye rants!

  8. 2 dope.

  9. Kanye shits on every other rapper when it comes to live performances

  10. how do you open the rar. files inside the zip file

  11. goddamn that was tight.

    the buildup to the goodlife was amazing

  12. ^ ^ ^ gyasi…

    download a program called winrar to open up .zip files
    once you have the prgrm just click on the .zip file you want to open and click “extract” (from the winrar program screen that is)

    hope that helped

  13. say what you want about Kanye, but he doesn’t fail to please me

  14. that show was DOPE!!!

  15. Lex is dismayed by J’s post

  16. This Was Good I’d Love To See kanYe Do An MTV Unplugged (If The Still Do Those Any More). Plus He Responded To 50, So…

  17. Ye killed that shittttttttttttttt. lol.

  18. First time I heard Kanye was his on the production of ‘Guess Who’s Back’ on ‘The Fix’. DOPE. Producing, Kanye flips samples and productions like few others. A Creator & an innovator.
    MCing? Kanye got some dope lines, but lets be real – he ain’t no legendary MC. And he arrogant and sensitive as shit too. On the real, Kanye acts like a scorned teenage bitch most of the time. Quit yappin so much and just keep puttin out dope production.

  19. The Artwork In The Download Is Ill, With The Lyrics And What Not

  20. It was average at best…. I’m still trippin that ye said he doesn’t read, well then again most people don’t read as much as they should. (and i’m talking about actual books, not blogs) ANyhow the shit was just ok.

  21. lol at average, fuck atta here

    average= emcee and his goons shouting incoherent lyrics while their DJ blares their generic beats out the speakers

    Kanye’s set= excellent

  22. […] the rest here:  Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers (Audio) February 28th, 2009 | Tags: asher-roth, dj drama, Downloads, jay-z, kanye-west, king, mr. […]

  23. […] rest is here:  Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers (Audio) February 28th, 2009 | Tags: cam’ron, chelsea lately, donnis, Downloads, interview, kanye-west, […]

  24. ” 50 , look at me now … i’m singing , on the ground .. ”

    that show was so dope .

    kanye’s a legend .


  26. anybody know if these performance vids are on youtube?

  27. kanyes one of the most average mc’s ever. no bullshit

  28. kanyes nowhere near biggavels music talent hhahahahhhhhaahha

  29. I love how everyone hates Kanye when he was on his “808s” shit, but when he raps some everyone is on his nuts. Dude has never put out a bad product and if you went to his Glow in the Dark Tour then you are a fan for life. Amazing live performer. The bit with him on the ground talking to 50 is priceless.

  30. wth is biggavels… better not be that wavy nigga u always promoting for lol

  31. idk, maybe I thought “808s” was hot because I listen to more than rap. sometimes my girl makes me listen to…..you ready? -OPERA *gasp*. I think anyone that extends their branches beyond rap (motown, rock, R & B etc) appreciated that CD.

  32. RadioHead, Green Day, Oasis, Good Charlotte is the shit lol
    i cant do too much R&B so fuck them lol

  33. is it just MY dl that ain’t workin? UGH

    i need a fuckin mac

  34. any chance to get this up on sharebee?

  35. nevermind, onsmash got the hookup

  36. LMAO at the end of heartless when he takes shots at 50 cent…

    “50 look at me now, singing on the ground, with my pink shirt on, does this look gay to you? well i dont know what else to say to you…” you should make a post about his lol

  37. amazing. absolutely amazing.
    it sounds so damn epic for some reason.

  38. average? what the fuck else could you ask for? it was genius.


  40. soo any body know where i can download the actual vids?

  41. how do you open the rar. files inside the zip file

  42. ^^you need winrar (something that everyone should have known about since 2000 ha). anyways… i updated the audio link (with full out .zip) on the video post….


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