Cassidy – Jumping In My Bag

Cassidy decided to stray from jumping out the window and jumps right into his bag. Shouts to X.

DOWNLOAD: Cassidy – Jumping In My Bag | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 1, 2009.

19 Responses to “Cassidy – Jumping In My Bag”

  1. on time?!?! wait no late.

  2. you seriously need a life dude.

  3. y do you respond?

  4. people have life’s unlike you.

    I fucks with 2 dopeboyz keep it up.

  5. wow uhh is a fool

  6. Who Made Uhh The Hall Monitor Of The Blogs

  7. @ JustinCase i think he made himself monitor and goes around inspecting all the blogs to see if they’re late lol

  8. Hook=Wack


  9. yea why the fuck he say that bag shit anyway wack hook but LOL at the verse

    its light green but got orange hairs.. like peter pan. hahaa

  10. there was so hot shit in here but its not worth a download

  11. same ol’ cassidy, hitting you with the puncheliines!

  12. Cass Lyrically The Law

  13. This was ok… his rhyme patterns and flows are starting to get redundant.
    Every verse has a onslaught of bars that end with either these two words “nigga” and “man” like no sense of switching it up!

    He does it almost as much as DMX used to do before everyone got tired of guessing what he’d say before he actually say it.

    Step it up Cass, still a hot artists to me though!

  14. check my blog out

  15. When is the mixtape coming out?

  16. cassidy is just starting ot get redundant? hes had the exact same everything for yearsssss.. he just puts funny/dope punchlines in it to keep it entertaining.

  17. I think cass still got sum good lines but i feel like he got no energy behind the lyrics anymore.

  18. […] rest is here:  Cassidy – Jumping In My Bag March 1st, 2009 | Tags: donnis, jackie chain, jim jones, kanye-west, magazine, melyssa ford, […]

  19. i-Pod-This.

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