Crooked I Talks on Shooting Rumor (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those unaware, a mass amount of rumors began flooding the internets this weekend about Crooked I being shot, being in critical condition, etc. Some people even hit me up and told me he was dead. It’s amazing how ass backwards a game of telephone can get through text messages, emails and Twitter updates. When I first started hearing the talks, I reached out to see if any of it was true. Got my answer and left it to him to tell his story rather than be apart of the gossip ring. In the audio above, he let’s everyone know he’s physically ok. Which is great news and I hope for the best on the mental side of things. It’s a fucking shame that Vlad thinks he has to tag an audio clip where Crook is talking on such a serious issue though. I mean, really!? Dah well… only thing that matters is that Crook is alright.


~ by Shake on March 1, 2009.

22 Responses to “Crooked I Talks on Shooting Rumor (Video)”

  1. ok.. so still…. what the fuck happened?

  2. he prob got his chain snatched

  3. Idc as long as he’s okay and gets things in order, smh at Vlad tags

  4. Dang man good to hear he is ok
    Vlad Tags way too much

    Shake here is the Mickey Factz Commercial

  5. Thank God.

  6. Oh man, thank God Crooked’s alright. Kinda wanna know what—[THIS IS VLAD TV DOT COM!]— happened, now, but this is more important.

    We’re not ready to—[THIS IS VLAD TV DOT COM!]—lose another legend early.

  7. I think that’s just completely disrespectful; trying to promote himself on top of someone trying to talk about something thats serious and that people actually give a shit about. That pisses me off. Scary shit.

  8. Crook sounded scared as fuck tho

  9. Yea Crook sounded pretty shook up. And I cosign what you said bout Vlad smh.

  10. his chain snatched did that?
    hum, seems like a lot more shit went down then that
    sounds like someone got murked right in front of him

  11. man fuck this shit was terrible
    thank god crooked i is ok
    hope everything gets bettter

  12. Mannnnnnnnn! Crooked I you gunna be ok big guy! We prayin’ for yah! Glad you are well!

  13. Well that was some pointless shit im there listenin expectin him to say i was 9 times , yeah was probly a chain snatch

  14. Well that was some pointless shit im there listenin expectin him to say i was SHOT *9 times , yeah was probly a chain snatch

  15. […] here to see the original:  Crooked I Talks on Shooting Rumor (Video) March 1st, 2009 | Tags: a matter of time, bestofbothoffices, cassidy, dj vlad, exclusive, […]

  16. Vlad’s a clown. Glad Crook is ok. I hope he gets his mind right cuz I know that has to fuck with you coming close to death like that.

  17. keep ya head up crooked.we all with you.hope you make a speedy recovery

    your a legend that the game needs

  18. im glad crooked is all right. dj vlad is a joke. who tags that type of shit?

  19. fuck vlad

  20. wow…glad that Crooked is fine…

  21. first off im glad to hear crooked is aight but got damn i cant fucking stand dj vlad… fuck u dj vlad u are a piece of smelly shit

  22. glad that he is ok! last rapper i’d want to see dead, (not that I wanna se any rapper dead) but he my favourite rapper so I’m glad that nothing seruious happend to him..

    I want somenew music from him!, peace out

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