Jim Jones – Na Na Nana Na Na (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sitting back on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Watching the Lakers Kobe go on a 6-0 run. Hopefully this game turns around and a check goes in the W column. Anyways… here’s the official video for Jenny’s single off Pray IV Reign, which drops March 24th.


~ by Shake on March 1, 2009.

23 Responses to “Jim Jones – Na Na Nana Na Na (Video)”

  1. anyone see the xxl review of his new album.. they gave it an XL which is just bullshit

  2. XXL’s opinion can be bought^^

    I see Shake has some bitterness for “Jenny” lmao…I dont have a problem with that…Jim Jones is wack and has the dumbest name – if you know who the real Jim Jones was!?

  3. song is ok
    the beat makes it ok enough to add to a playlist

    but i know you see the bullshit calls they makin and the one they just ignoring

  4. Reasonable Doubt>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can-I-Bus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pray IV Reign

    o yea

    actual skill > swag

  5. Note the hard thought that went into the title of this song….pure genius. /sarcasm

  6. i feel the same way about the song i did when i first heard it from here….. i feel like the video could of been a lil funner. i see car races and shit when i think of this track

  7. i dont like this one.

  8. Ugh, what is this?

  9. probably the worst rapper ever. this is not music

  10. Chorus has got to go. Beat is ok. Lyrics…my opinion wont be any different than anyone other person’s.
    All that money in the air should have got him more ladies for the video.

  11. ^^^^Word. Beat is nice!! And will be played in the club. I can see the rats in the club doin a stupid face screamin na na na na. lol

  12. yeah my fam are from guyana so i know who the real jim jones is.. And for that alone this ngga is garbage..

  13. Fuck is this shit?

  14. And what’s with the toy car at the :50 mark??

  15. THIS GUYS FUKING FLOPPING.. tracks SUCKS balls, WTF is he tryna spit?

    where the fuk is cam to save dipset?!?!?!!?

    i stilll cant believe he trys to talk shit bout nas.. LOL

  16. if u like this kill yourself.

  17. LMAO! @ Kenneth C.
    AGREED. Nigga kill yoself.

  18. wow it is a toy porsche at :50 LOL WTF

  19. @ Action Bastard, nah its not a toy rofl, it’s a real porche.

    But can we even call this music? haha imbarresing

  20. i didnt recognize jimmy with out him pouring champagne on juelz santana.

  21. ^ haha smh. personally I wanna know why his tracks dont go down as Random Acts of Fuckery?

  22. this is sooooo wack

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