Kanye West & GLC Work on Money, Hoes, Cars, Clothes (Video)

Well, they don’t really work on the track. They actually play it on the laptop while GLC raps over it. Sounds dope though… off GLC’s upcoming debut album, Love, Life & Loyalty, dropping this Summer. Unrelated: To the people who keep hitting me up about Crooked I’s situation… he’s ok and will be making an announcement tomorrow.


~ by Shake on March 1, 2009.

15 Responses to “Kanye West & GLC Work on Money, Hoes, Cars, Clothes (Video)”

  1. G.O.O.D. Music is a dynasty.

  2. what is crooked i’s situation somebody please? I’ve heard nothing.

  3. It’s going around that he got shot. “While details are sketchy, we’ve confirmed with sources close to the rapper that he was apparently “hurt badly,” but he is alive, at home, and in stable condition.”

    You can read the article here http://www.ballerstatus.com/article/news/2009/03/6425/

  4. fuck a crooked i shoot me a link to download that track

    get well soon crooked..
    eat shit hellyeah
    this track is straight though.

  6. This track is hard.
    I can’t wait for a new mixtape or something from GLC…
    He’s gotta release something before the album drops!

  7. sounds like every other track from the south

  8. GLC reppin that dope couture.

  9. It ain’t wack but I can’t really argue with what Jeffrey said above….

  10. sounds like some wack ass shit Slim Thug would do. GLC can do much better and especially pick better beats

  11. sounds like usual repetitive stuff from south. No offense sounds similar to the usual. Beat is crazy but he did what many would have done to that beat.

    I would love a chance to work with Kanye West on a track.

  12. I don’t get why people still call out the south for sounding repetitive.

    I mean, doesn’t everywhere have their own ‘key’ sound?

    West: bouncy, low ridin’, funky, dr. dre-esque style
    East: grimey, dark, sampled, underground style
    South: lots of bass, chopped & screwed hook, simple style

    Does that mean people can only make once kind of music all their life? I think it’s dope that he went outside of the box and made a song that HE likes.

    i’m not too good at writing long, thought-out, detailed responses though (I think i got ADD or something lol), so i’m just gonna end it here.

    My point is: Good music = Good music.

    Oh yea, and I know he’s from Chicago… but whatever lol.

  13. […] Kanye West & GLC Work on Money, Hoes, Cars, Clothes (Video) March 1st, 2009 | Tags: cars, freestyle, glc, Hip Hop, hoes, jay-z, kanye-west, money, Music, […]

  14. looks like Hustle N Flow when Terrance howard was playin that piano beat rappin for Anthony Anderson.
    “……..pop dat ass hoe”

  15. also antone has a good point but the south is repititve cuz thats all you hear on tv and the radio…..thus the rise of the internet rappers, blogs, myspace artists and such.


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