Mike Posner and The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time (Mixtape)

DJ Benzi & Don Cannon present one of the best mixtapes of 2009 (so far, obviously). This shit definitely gets a Shake stamp of approval. Mike Posner and The Brain Trust do a great job on fusing pop/R&B/hip hop. Benzi on the mixing, Cannon on the hosting and guest spots from Big Sean, Donnis, Jackie Chain & Eric Holljes.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Mike Posner and The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 1, 2009.

34 Responses to “Mike Posner and The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time (Mixtape)”

  1. artwork is tight, does anyone cosign this guy?

  2. shake does ha.

  3. Co-sign Shake, this is my shit,. Listened to Smoke and Drive earlier this week. Will be copping this.

  4. Co-Sign From Young Scolla

    First to post the mixtape @ 12 last night



  5. oh that smoke and drive song is on here i was just listening to that about 4 times in a row i gotta d/l this tape now

  6. this shit is fire.

  7. Been following these guys since they re-did “Love Lockdown”, they definitely got some great music!

  8. thats shit was ridiculous, cant wait for more

  9. looks dope.

  10. word I downloaded this off iTunes at 5.30am haha

  11. Been through the tape properly now, gotta say this shit is fire. Refreshing to hear something different. Dude on the hooks is killin shit.

  12. this dudes production is crazy – definitely a co-sign right here

  13. i can’t stop bumping this. SO DOPE

  14. HOLY SHIT! I was dying to hear some more Posner after that Cooler Than Me track a while back

  15. Hiphop lives , mixtape is DOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPE

  16. i cant get my hopes up and invest in him. asher roth let me down.

  17. good shit but dear god stop the smoke and drive comments that shit iz fuckin old it was on big sean’s finally famous mixtape over a year ago jesus i mean it was great but paleeez!

  18. great tape, but i was hoping theyd put up their covers of other ppls stuff as well.

    they killed “Whatever you like” at the Dub Frequency show.

  19. sound like that autotune crackhead bul.

  20. […] original here:  Mike Posner and The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time (Mixtape) March 1st, 2009 | Tags: a matter of time, eric holljes, interview, jay-z, media, mixtape, Music, […]

  21. where he from?

  22. I believe he’s from Michigan and currently goes to Michigan State, but I may be wrong

  23. He’s From Southfield, MI and goes to Duke University

  24. Duke? wack! haha…Florida State is where its at.

  25. my bad haha..duke though..shiiiiit

  26. Mike Posner is the shiiit!! This mixtape is fire, finally everybody isnt sounding the same and we’re actually getting some good music

  27. […] The Brain Trust’s extremely dope mixtape, A Matter Of Time courtesy of the good people of 2dopeboyz. This is something you really shouldn’t sleep on, with mixing from DJ Benzi, hosting from DJ […]

  28. bahaha, i don’t even smoke nothin or pop anything, but Drug Dealer Girl is my song

  29. I am HIGHLY impressed with this tape. I listened to it start to finish 3 times in a row today while I was at work. Drug Dealer Girl and Still Not Over You are my shit. The way they flipped that song by The Fray is very dope.

  30. BTW that is his singing voice not autotune at all bro.

  31. most of the songs about chicks bore me to be honest but losing my mind and matter of time are just ridiculously crazy i cant stop bumpin that shit

  32. Mixtape is dope. Look out for Posner cuz he’s definately gonna blow. Too talented, determined, & smart not to. Brains up!

    Mixtape available on iTunes for FREE download!!
    Also check out http://www.mikeposner.com
    Mixtape artwork done by Cleveland Thrasher. thrash18@msu.edu

  33. […] Mike Posner – Who Knows (rmx) f. Big Sean & Shawn Crystopher Shawn Chrystopher hops on the remix of Mike Posner’s Who Knows?. The original being found on one of the dopest mixtapes of the year, A Matter of Time. […]

  34. does anybody know what kind of kixkz he has on the cover of the mixtape? look like some OG Nike Air FLights.

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