Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle

I know how much the c-boys love/hate Asher Roth. So this should bring on plenty of that. While out in the UK, Asher hit up Tim Westwood’s radio show and went off the top for 20 minutes straight. Spitting over beats like Ice Ice Baby, Lose Yourself, Simon Says and more. Audio rippage courtesy of illRoots. Also, above is a clip of Asher’s interview with DJ Swerve. Hit the jump for part 2 of the interview, along with a off the top/written spit over Flava In Ya Ear.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle
PREVIOUS: Asher Roth – Takeover Freestyle | Song Cry Freestyle

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Flava In Ya Ear Freestyle | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 2, 2009.

52 Responses to “Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle”

  1. *looks in dictionary, finds the term Over-Rated, see’s Asher’s face…

  2. “looks in dictionary, finds the term Hater, see’s ROK’s face…. .lol

  3. haterz stfu


  5. i’m sure jay-z is kicking himself for picking Pittsburgh Slim over asher..

  6. that shit is like 30 minutes long on nahright. thanks for ripping the audio. this is an ipod classic. crazy. I appreciate that he actually isnt afraid to go off the dome and mess up. he killed it. these other dudes do writtens all day.

  7. “looks in dictionary, finds the term not-funny, see’s n88888’s face…lol

  8. most downloaded mixtape???… fuck it hes overated and popular because hes white

  9. he meant to say most downloaded (asher roth) mixtape, it’s europe they get confused sometimes

  10. LMAO!!!! i am indeed a hater of the over-rated rapper…lol

  11. When the people didnt have Eminem, Asher stepped forward, now that Eminem’s around the corner..the dudes have stepped away from Asher.

  12. ASHER is sTHe ShIT

  13. lol at UK being europe.

  14. i like what he did over the em beats.
    kept it respectful while westwood kept egging him on.
    people will find reasons to hate no matter what.

  15. Asher is good man, this shit is hot
    Rok if you’re a hater, then just say “hey I’m a hater”
    u aint gotta trash a nigga like that
    when you know his shit is hot

  16. thing is i DONT know dudes shit is hot…

    i have yet to hear a dope joint from dude and i dont agree with all the praise he gets. he is a EM knock off…

  17. can we get a flava in ya ear freestyle rip?

  18. ROK-just stop. the kid is hot. shit is classic and its real hip hop

  19. LMAO!!!!

  20. Asher and em are nothing alike accept voicewise why do people compare so much Asher does him. When does em rap about keggers and Asher about strugglin growin up there diff people.

  21. seriously you havent listened to any of his music if you think hes an em knock off first of all he sounds a bit like him but his music is completely different. Asher is dope, Em fell off after Encore but he is still good. Damn niggas stay hating let the boy shine

  22. i hated how he kept pushing him to go on Em beats smh
    thats some shit starting move

  23. i can find reasons to hate but i cant find reasons to like. Going to the stores and buying his album and going to his concerts keep him in existance at the end. He isnt really dedicated. All his freestyles sound the same. Green house effect was great the album will probably flop unless the drunk college students buy it for keggers. Like total with raisins in it, Asher isnt doing it for me. Whos Next?

  24. Personally I’d buy a Charles Hamilton album before a Asher Roth album.

  25. agreed^ charles is dedictaed

  26. 2 white guys talkin about rap. 2009s gonna be a bitch.


  27. yea. stoopid white people know nothing about hip hop. only the blacks!


  28. 2this shits hot?” thats just proof that some motha fuckers will listen to ANYTHING. this shit is WACK.

    Roth is a smart kid. by all means get yo money my man. but this was not a good freestyle. not even close. and its not about being black or white either. a lot of GREAT white rappers out there, but i dont think Roth is one of them. he got his moments. but that 20 minute freestyle was just plan wack.

  29. damn I didnt know you had to be a certain race to enjoy hip_hop

  30. yo shake the dl links have viruses like adware attached to them sometimes. not the links but zshare and such. if you could find a cleaner site to host itd be preferable.

  31. YOOOOOOOOOOOO!! This Dude is T-R-A-S-H

    WTF?!!! LOL..OMG this is what steve rifkind is promoting?? GTFOH. dude is an imposter

  32. asher is dope…i have never thought to comment on shit i dont like. if i dont like it i dont listen to it, let alone take my time to comment about how wack it is. smh @ these dudes who light up the c-section with hate.

  33. yea hes dope.
    i wouldnt compare him to eminem really…cause i personally think em is a better mc

  34. tim westwood is so fucked up lmao

    he played like every eminem single
    shit sick

  35. Man this dude is soooo dope…

    Dude brings something fresh and different to Hip hop and thats not something you can say about alot of artists..

  36. “yea. stoopid white people know nothing about hip hop. only the blacks!


    ha thx shake!

  37. Most of yall that dont like him. Are just saying ‘ Aaa he is wack straight garbage and shit’. Its oke to dislike him but come with some arguments why you dislike him. He does better then most rappers that freestyle. He is not lyin like all the fuckheads that rappin these days ( killin monney bitches, not bein a cop) He does 20 min, not all of it is great but most is damn decent.

  38. This dude is pretty slick. I dont know why people knock his shit. Don’t compare him to Em, instead, be greatful that we have a new MC so you don’t have to hear FloRihda every five minutes. Or, if you don’t like him, ignore him

  39. Tim Westwood is a fool yo. That’s messed up that he’s heckling Asher with all the Eminem instrumentals.

  40. i dont see the hype behind this dude..and this “uz a hater” bullshit goin too far

  41. stupid white people talking bout hip hop – fuck you shake racist

  42. lol apparantly smh means shaking my head,not clued up with the flash lingo. i take it back

  43. […] is the original post:  Asher Roth – 20 Minute Freestyle March 2nd, 2009 | Tags: crooked i, Downloads, freestyle, hollywood hiatus, interview, jim jones, […]

  44. What’s the name of the MC Asher talks about in the beginning of part2?

  45. this aint that good

  46. he did his thing…word…his shady song didnt fit the beat..entirely..but damn hes nice….ROK STFU

  47. whats the beat that starts at 14:14…its racking my brain right now

  48. […] all heard the 20 minute freestyle and you all expressed the love/hate you had for it. Now check the interview that went down where […]

  49. […] all heard the 20 minute freestyle and you all expressed the love/hate you had for it. Now check the interview that went down where […]

  50. […] all heard the 20 minute freestyle and you all expressed the love/hate you had for it. Now check the interview that went down where […]

  51. […] all heard the 20 minute freestyle and you all expressed the love/hate you had for it. Now check the interview that went down where […]

  52. i must be late..but its only 1 freestyle here..and it lasted like 2-3 mins..

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